Thursday, September 13, 2018

Visit Aikido Dojo San Francisco

By Roger Williams

All popular traditional martial arts are focused both on harmonizing your body and your mind, some more than others. General self-improvement, physical and mental strength and efficient fighting techniques. This spiritual moment is especially interesting, and makes these techniques so popular in the western world.

They require balanced mind and dedication, as well as strength and trainings, and offer a wide range of self-improvements you can only benefit from. Among other popular martial arts, one is especially interesting. If you visit one Aikido Dojo San Francisco center, you may find out more about it and understand why it deserves a special attention.

The word Aikido is actually made using three different words. 'Ai' means harmony, 'ki' stands for energy, but also spirit, while 'do' stands for path, in other words, a way. So, the word can be translated as the harmonious and spiritual path, or the way of the spirit and harmony. High ideals, elegant outlook and highly efficient defense techniques, and this is only the beginning.

Although this is the youngest Japanese martial art, founded in the beginning of the twentieth century, by famous O-Sensei, or The Great Teacher, Morihel Ueshiba, it is bases on Traditional Japanese techniques and Samurai tactics. Actually, O-Sensei Morihel Ueshiba was the master of many other techniques, such as Jujitsu, Kenjutsu, and Sojitsu first, but really interested in spiritual and religious aspects.

Great Teacher had a flawless technique, as well as really amazing physical strength, and this combination allowed him to defend himself virtually without touching his attackers. He based his technique on harmonizing movements with the movements of the universe, achieving the unity of his body and mind, and without causing harm to others.

That's why this technique is just perfect for anyone, regardless of age or any other factors. And it brings, beside of a great ability of defending yourself, also many other benefits for your health, body and mind. It improves general and cardiovascular health, concentration, flexibility, physical strength and your general balance, to start with.

The point is in not only being able to defend yourself, but also in improving your self-confidence, your general health condition, in feeling better about yourself and in finding your life path. If you are interested only in learning how to fight and cause injuries, find some other type of training, this one is something entirely different.

So, comparing to other martial arts, this one is focused on defense, but without causing harm to your attacker. Most attacks are linear by nature, and Aikido uses circular movements to disarm those attacks, for example, using wrist locks. This way, you actually harmonize your movements with the movements of your attacker, unbalancing him without confronting him directly.

Well, Aikido is certainly the true Budo. This extraordinary martial art unites Samurai battle tactics, ancient Japanese martial arts techniques and harmonizing your body and mind. O-Sensei said the secret is in harmonizing with the universe. He also said that the real victory is the one over oneself, and this is probably the main principle of his philosophy.

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