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For Good Laser Vein Removal Munster IN Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Joseph Cole

Doctors are currently able to treat various medical conditions due to technological advancement. Technology is currently at its peak in its application in medicine. There are new ways of applying technology in medicine, especially laser technology. A highly focused light beam is what is referred to as a laser. Lasers are categorized differently based on how much energy they have. When one needs Laser vein removal Munster IN offers the perfect location to visit.

The treatment of varicose and spider veins is one of the major applications of lasers in the field of medicine. The light is focused for some time at the veins that need treatment. A scar tissue is left behind when the light destroys the veins. The vessel gets closed completely by the scar tissue, preventing it from being able to transport blood.

Closed veins do not access nutrients and oxygen supplied by blood anymore. As a result, they die off and after a few years, they disappear. There are different kinds of this treatment process. In simple laser treatment, the heat is applied on the outside of the skin. Applying the beam on the outside of the skin makes it capable of treating spider veins and small varicose veins that appear close to the skin surface.

One needs more than a single session for the treatment to work. Treatment sessions are spaced at intervals of between 6 and 12 weeks. The doctor may however decide to vary the intervals as they see fit. Besides the simple version of this treatment, there is the endovenous laser treatment. This process is a bit more complex and is capable of treating larger varicose veins.

For the case of endovenous treatment, the area under treatment is subjected to a beam of light from a small tube. This tube is known as a catheter. The progress of the process is monitored by the doctor on a duplex ultrasound screen. Treating varicose veins using other treatment methods is more painful than endovenous treatment. Stripping and ligation are some of the other methods of treating varicose veins. One takes less time to recover after undergoing endovenous treatment compared to alternative treatment options.

Ligation uses general anesthesia while this treatment only uses local anesthesia. It only takes a few days after treatment for one to be able to walk again. A patient has to wear compression stockings for several days after endovenous treatment because of it is more invasive. One should expect to resume their daily routine within a week or so after endovenous treatment.

Endovenous and simple versions of these treatments have been in existence for a long time. Over the years, simple laser treatment has become more effective and safe. It has not resulted in any major complications in over 20 years of it being performed. Even though endovenous treatment is safe and effective, research shows that out of every 100 patients, 6 patients experience some problems.

Both processes are considered effective and safe. There are however some risks that come with them. The commonest side effects that one can expect include skin discoloration and skin burns. Some patients also experience pain and feeling of burning and blood clots. Some painkillers will be prescribed by the doctor to help with managing the pain.

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