Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Why Weight Loss Surgery May Be The Best Option For You

By Steven Martin

Many people often wish to lose weight for various reasons. One of which is to improve the quality of their life so they no longer have to struggle with daily tasks. This is especially true for people who are classified as morbidly obese which not only affect their physical health but also their psychological wellness. If you are struggling to lose the pounds and are looking for a more thorough solution then here are some benefits of contacting a weight loss surgeon Bergen County.

First, it improves multiple medical issues. Individuals with above average weight are susceptible in acquiring different conditions and diseases. Some examples include internal pain, bone and joint issues, circulatory problems, and even organ failures for extreme cases. When a person loses weight, some of these issues can even be reversed and put into remission.

Second, it reduces and even reverses the symptoms of certain problems. Part of the remission process is having normal functions of the body return back to its normal state. Some examples include having stabilized heart rates, blood pressure, and being able to sleep without experiencing breathing problems. All of which can greatly improve your comfort both physically and mentally.

Another is it increases your lifespan. When a person weighs more than normal, they not only increase their chances of developing conditions but also reducing the years they can live. This can be extremely worrying since people who have weight issues may not enjoy their lives due to limited mobility and opportunities.

Another is the psychological advantages it provides. Certain studies have shown that people who are borderline obese often have a low opinion of their own self because of various reasons. One is that perhaps they do not think they are attractive or their antidepressants may cause them to gain weight. Both of which can hinder their social and personal lives.

Another, it improves sexual dysfunctions. People who are carrying additional kilos may find it difficult to perform in the bedroom with their partner. For women, some issues include having an irregular menstrual schedule, not being able to conceive, and finding it difficult to get pregnant. For men, this can affect their testosterone levels and their ability to keep their erection lasting long.

One final benefit is it opens up new doors for you. Persons who lose extra kilos do not only look and feel better, they are also able to enjoy numerous opportunities that can help them enjoy their life in different ways. This can apply to small things like fitting into plane seats or wearing clothes they can fit in to larger opportunities like enjoying risky adventures like bungee jumping, riding on elephants, and fitting in small canoes to go rafting.

These are just some of the multiple advantages that one can expect once they start losing weight. In most cases, bariatric surgery is not recommended for persons that do not fit a certain criteria. The reason why it is not offered to mild cases is because these patients are not suffering any issues that greatly reduce their lifespan.

In order to determine viable candidates, doctors often require their patients to undergo a thorough examination first and foremost. This includes physical head to toe assessments, psychological testing, and consultation sessions to determine the root causes of why it is difficult for a person to lose weight. Once you are cleared, you can then proceed to scheduling for an operation which can help change your life in more ways than one. Good luck.

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