Saturday, June 22, 2019

Why People Flock To A Cosmetic Dentist NYC

By David Wright

A smile is the first thing that most people notice when they meet someone new. First impressions last and they often only take seconds to form. People with beautiful, healthy teeth inevitable make a good impression and those with poor teeth do not. This may not be fair or just but that is how people react in reality. It is not necessary, however, to have teeth that repel others. A cosmetic dentist NYC can do wonders these days.

Cosmetically focused dentistry is not a separate field of specialization. By advertising their services as concentrating on dental cosmetics they imply that their work is focused on enhancing the way that the patient looks. The truth is that almost all modern dental work involves some form of enhancement. When a rotten tooth is removed and replaced with a crown, for example, the patients looks better and feels more confident.

If teeth are decayed but not so badly that the root and support system of the teeth are compromised, inlays can be the answer. A specially prepared composite resin is prepared by a dental laboratory and fitted over the tooth. A special dental adhesive is used to fit the composite to the tooth and the result not only covers the cleaned cavity but also redefines the original shape of the tooth.

Composite bonding is another way in which dentists not only repair decayed or damaged teeth but also to hide discoloured teeth. The composite is applied on the surface of the tooth and then sculpted into the correct shape. Composite bonding is one of the most affordable ways in which to improve the appearance of the teeth while at the same time treating damage or cavities.

Dental veneers are not the cheapest option for those that desire a dazzling smile but the results are exceptionally realistic. During this treatment a medical grade ceramic is applied to the front of each individual tooth with a special dental adhesive. A different veneer is made for each patient in order to resemble their natural teeth. They are highly effective in hiding gaps between the teeth, crack and chips and even crooked teeth.

One of the most popular treatments is teeth whitening. There are kits that one can use to whiten the teeth at home, but experts have warned that this can lead to serious dental damage. It is safer to have it done in the dental office where he will apply a special preparation to bleach or whiten the teeth that became discoloured due to smoking, drinking and even eating certain foods.

There are cases when it is not possible to hide or to disguise dental problems. In these cases the tooth must be removed. Thankfully, thanks to dental implants the tooth can be replaced by a crown and it will look exactly like the other teeth. Dentists implant a titanium screw into the jaw and then attach the crown. Implants can easily last for a life time.

Dentistry has come a long way. There is truly no reason to be ashamed of crooked, discoloured, missing or rotten teeth. The good news is that most modern dental solutions last for a lifetime. A healthy and friendly smile is, after all, an asset.

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