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For Good Lymphatic Drainage Austin Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Henry Olson

Lymphatic drainage is another name that is used to refer to lymphatic massage. It is a gentle, rhythmically performed massage treatment that is performed with the aim of stimulating the circulation of lymph fluid in the body. This process has to be done by a specially trained and experienced physiotherapist. The stimulation of the movement of lymph fluid in the body helps to speed up the process of removal of waste products in the body. When in need of Lymphatic drainage Austin should be visited.

One gains several health benefits when waste products are removed from their body. The massage also prevents the body from swelling after injury or surgery. An injured area usually heals faster when there is less swelling. According to some therapists, the immune system of the body is also boosted by the massage.

Patients suffering from a wide range of medical conditions can benefit from this process. Some of these conditions include fluid retention that is causing swelling in arms and legs, swelling pre- and post-surgery, lyphoedema, breast cancer treatment, and breast congestion. Others include depression and anxiety, cellulite fat accumulation, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, hormonal imbalances, and recurrent infections such as yeast infection, sinus, tonsillitis, flu, and colds.

The length of sessions is usually dependent on the nature and type of medical condition being treated. A typical session should last between thirty and ninety minutes. The first session usually takes longer than subsequent sessions. How short subsequent sessions become is a decision to be made by the therapist based on how well one is responding to the treatment.

A therapist has to understand the condition first before prescribing treatment. This includes understanding the kind of medication that one has previously used and the history of the condition they are suffering from. This is achieved through interviewing the patient. In case there are documents from previous diagnoses and treatments of the condition, they are reviewed too.

The entire process is usually performed on a massage table with the patient lying down. One will have to change position of lying down on the table. For instance, they may be required to face up, down, and to the side. One may need to remove all their clothes or have some clothes on depending on the part that is being treated. Towels are used to hide nudity.

The therapist uses light and rhythmic strokes on the area being treated. The process is not supposed to be painful in any way, and in case one feels pain, they should tell the therapist. Feeling pain is a sign that something is not right and the process should be stopped immediately. Massage oil is used optionally depending on the situation.

Once the process has been completed, the patient may be required to wear compression garments. In order to assist in draining lymph fluid at home, one will be advised by the therapist on how to exercise, skin brushing, compression bandaging, and self-massage. One should not hesitate to ask any question they have regarding the entire process because patients need to be informed completely about it.

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