Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Stem Cell Therapy Centers Hope To Revolutionize Medical Treatment

By Nancy Howard

Relentless research within the field of medicine has indeed produced miraculous cures and treatment methods for diseases that used to kill indiscriminately. Antibiotics, now common, used to be described as a miracle drug. Heart transplants, once seen as revolutionary are now performed routine. This list is endless and more people live longer thanks to all these advances. There are still many killer diseases, however. Stem cell therapy centers say that they may yet conquer many of these dread diseases.

Bone marrow transplants are not a new and revolutionary treatment method. These transplants have been performed for some years for patients suffering from cancers related to the blood, such as leukemia. These cancer patients undergo chemo therapy and the chemicals kill all blood cells, including the healthy ones. In some cases, bone marrow transplants are performed to encourage new and healthy cells to grow but the success rate is questionable.

Bone marrow transplants are not yet a cure for cancer. At best it can add some years to the lives of desperately ill patients. Researchers think that these transplants will become a cure in the future, however. They believe that further research will help them to use such transplants to cure not just leukemia but also many other cancers. Progress is slow and there is no chance of a major breakthrough in the immediate future.

Cancer is not the only area of concern to researchers in this field. There are many studies into the possibilities of bone marrow transplants to regenerate damaged and destroyed brain cells. This is indeed a revolutionary direction of study because if damage brain cells can be replaced by healthy ones then the terrible effects of awful conditions such as Alzheimer, brain and spine injuries and other debilitating disease will be conquered.

Another area of great interest to research is heart disease. Conditions related to the heart remain one of the biggest killers in the world. It is hoped that bone marrow transplants will also be able to replace damaged and destroyed cells inside the heart, thereby reversing the course of many types of heart disease. It is still early days, however, and positive results are still a number of years into the future.

Many people are excited about the possible benefits of bone marrow transplants but there are numerous critics. They accuse researchers of misleading the public and the sponsors of their research with false promises and unrealistic expectations. There is no evidence that even one such transplant has saved a live, they say. As a matter of fact, these transplants are dangerous and can shorten the life of patients.

Perhaps the biggest point of contention is the fact that the cells being transplanted into patients are often obtained from the umbilical cords of advanced fetuses. This is highly unethical, says the critics and the practice opens the doors to all kinds of human abuse. In fact, the harvesting of cells from unborn babies opens up the doors to a highly lucrative and horrifically abusive industry.

Whether bone marrow transplants will produce the next miracle in the field of medicine remains to be seen. One thing is certain, however. If researchers ever achieve what they think is achievable then many millions of people will benefit. The nature of medicine will be changed forever.

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