Thursday, June 27, 2019

Getting In Shape While Riding A Recumbent Tricycle For Adults

By Janet Miller

Not everyone is able to ride a bike, kayak, or play other high intense or risky sport to stay fit. As recent statistics on obesity show, many adults give up exercising because it just isn't fun anymore. Most people rode a bike when they were a kid and started out with training wheels. While that was a fun and easy way to learn, using extra wheels in the back was not the cool way to do it. Learning to ride on just the two wheels was always the goal of every kid. However, as they grew up, the risks of doing so grew as well. Now, you can get fit while riding a recumbent tricycle for adults and have fun while doing so.

Riding on a bike is harder and not easily done for some people. Being able to ride a trike is a really easy alternative. You won't hurt your knees from running and your back will thank you for not having to lean over the front wheel while riding. You can instead, sit back and enjoy the ride. You will be able to look around and see the world as you zip past. You also avoid the embarrassment of falling over when you fail to coordinate the brakes and your feet while stopping.

The number one new year's resolution is to get in shape. This is a great goal and achievable if you make the right choices. Unfortunately, not everyone can do the harder sports. The trike offers comfort because you will be sitting down or back just as you would in a regular chair. Since you will be pedaling, you are getting the same exercise that any bike ride has to offer.

Having fun should be part of any sport. Some people love basketball, football, water sports, skiing, and any number of other sports. They do it because they find it fun. But, if you are not in shape, you will find yourself getting winded and giving up way to early for the benefit. In fact, many simply give up altogether and go back to a sedentary lifestyle. Having the ability to head out, safely, comfortably, and with the winding open roads ahead of you can inspire you to go longer and enjoy the exercise.

Bikes are harder to ride than trikes. Though it is often a fantasy to be that speedster that is thin, wearing spandex and a helmet, whipping through the roads and looking cool, it is not true life for most. It takes a lot of effort to do that and especially to be coordinated when steering and stopping. Falling over is a big embarrassment for adults. With a trike, you don't ever have to put your foot down until you're done with the ride. Simply stop by using the brakes. When you're ready to get going again, release the brakes and start pedaling. Not having to coordinate the stopping and foot motions to keep from falling over is a big benefit of the stability of trikes.

Going farther increases exercise. If you were on a bike with a tiny seat, hunched over the front and staring at the ground, your stamina might give out rather quickly, not to mention how uncomfortable you may be if you're not an experienced rider. On a trike, you sit back, enjoy the view, and just go. Your stamina is not reduced because you are in a more relaxed position.

Enjoy touring or commuting. Getting exercise while you are headed to work is a great way to start the day. Using a trike lets you do that without being completely worn out when you arrive at work. Groups will use them when touring because their ease of use makes it better for people of different health levels.

Trikes offer you a chance to exercise and have fun. You don't have to lean over the front and only see the ground pass by. The distances you go will steadily increase because your back will not hurt and you'll find you have more stamina when you're comfortable.

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