Saturday, June 29, 2019

Getting Food Addiction Counseling Boise Psychological Health Experts Provide

By Frank Snyder

Obesity is actually a very serious disease. It's because of the medical fact that it could easily pave the way for life-threatening problems such as high blood sugar, hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, heart attack and stroke. Being obese is also linked to psychological issues like anxiety, depression and eating disorders. There are instances in which obesity can be blamed on the person's inability to stay away from enjoying lots of food. If such is the case, undergoing food addiction counseling Boise offers is highly recommended, say mental health experts.

Food is similar to gambling, alcohol, nicotine, pain relievers and controlled substances in that it's also highly addictive. Failure to put the matter under control once and for all could certainly endanger the person's well-being. Unwanted gaining of weight is a very serious complication of it. The presence of excessive amounts of fat is referred to as obesity.

Being obese can have a considerable impact on the person's blood pressure reading. Although it is true that having elevated blood pressure is completely normal during stress or when nervous, experts say that it's not acceptable to have a blood pressure reading that is constantly increased. Such is a condition that's referred to as hypertension. Doctors say that it is a very serious issue due to the fact that it can wreak havoc on the heart and arteries, too.

Various organs of the body may be in placed in peril, too, by hypertension. It's not unlikely for someone with hypertension to end up with damaged kidneys. This is the reason why so many obese individuals wind up with kidney failure.

Being obese can also cause the levels of sugar in the bloodstream to soar. Such matter is not only damaging to the arteries, but also nerves. It's no wonder why those who are suffering from diabetes, a medical condition characterized by increased blood sugar, are complaining about nerve pain in the extremities. Keeping high levels of sugar at bay is of utmost importance. Otherwise, so many different complications of diabetes may come into being.

Mental health experts confirm that obesity can also pave the way for the development of certain psychological problems. For instance, it's not uncommon for obese individuals to suffer from depression, which is often triggered by years of having very low self-esteem. A lot of those who are battling obesity tend to exhibit signs of anxiety, too.

The presence of too much fat can trigger eating disorders. The problem with winding up with these psychological issues is that it can aggravate obesity. Once that happens, it can become really difficult to put an end to the problem.

Food addiction is just as serious as addiction to other substance or activities because there are so many different problems that may appear, a lot of which are related to the health. Most of the time, being hooked on food is a matter that's very challenging to overcome. It's due to this exactly why psychological health experts highly recommend undergoing counseling on a regular basis. Through this approach, the triggering factor can be identified and also addressed suitably.

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