Thursday, July 10, 2014

Develop Massive Abs With These Exercises

By Adamsky Popovic

Do you know that many ab exercises today wreak havoc the natural actions of our spines? And do you know that that can lead to back pains and a weak middle area? Heck yes! Moreover, these exercises have no application in real life situations such as carrying a very heavy box from the ground or a child on the shoulders? Yes, particularly sit-ups and crunches (the two mainstream ab exercises of the century).

Below are some of the best core workouts that will as well provide you the 6 pack you have actually constantly desired:

So here we finally have managed to compile 4 effective ab exercises that will not only help you build 6 pack abs, but a strong middle section too! Here they are:

The Plank

It is essential to form a straight line from neck to ankles to obtain the right challenge. The position should be held for 60 to 90 seconds.

Side Plank

An exercise focused on the sides; with the weight on the lower arm (directly below the shoulder) and side of the foot. The position must be held for 30 to 45 seconds. (A word of advice by the way, if you don't want to look fatter, it's better to lose weight from your midsection before performing this exercise. Why? Because it will definitely make the sides of your core bigger; and if you have that extra fat on the sides, your mid section will look even more horrendous.

Hand Walk.

This is an advance workout for the core; a very challenging one. Most week end warriors (MMA fighters) do it to strengthen their cores. This exercise must be carried out starting in a standing position, and hands on the floor lined up with your feet. Your hands must stroll in front of you as far as possible. Then, go back to the beginning position.

Abdominal Wheel Roll-out

This is similar to the hand walk. Other than that it's done on bended knees, and hands on a small wheel in front that goes back and forth.

Though these exercises may not appear to work out the rectus abdominis itself, a few researches reveal that back extension exercises such as the ab wheel roll-out or hand walk, force core muscles (including abs) to work harder than spine flexion workouts, like the so famous crunches and sit ups. Core exercises are definitely better than any targeted ab exercises. They do not only establish a solid 6 pack abdominals, but they train your body to react to real world challenges also; whereas classic sit-ups will not. So the next time you wish to develop that rectus abdominis, think about you're core! You can get more benefits by using the later over the former! Good luck!

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