Sunday, July 27, 2014

How An Online Cancer Magazine Can Help Patients And Their Families

By Paulette Mason

Being diagnosed with a dread disease is a tremendous shock for most patients. They are not the only ones affected, however. The diagnosis can also have a serious impact upon the lives of loved ones. Most patients go through a cycle of emotions, ranging from disbelief, shock, depression, anger and denial before they eventually accept the situation. Only once acceptance takes place can rational decisions be made. Experts agree that it is vital for the patient and his loved ones to learn as much as possible about the disease. One way in which to do this is to subscribe to an online cancer magazine.

Internet publishers can help patients and their families to stay abreast of the latest research and treatment options. They will quickly learn that new theories are becoming available regularly and that modern treatment options mean that diagnosis that meant certain death in the past are now viewed as manageable. By learning more about the various studies patients can discuss treatment options with their doctors intelligently.

Most reputable online publishers provide a wide variety of supporting articles. Patients must not only study the disease itself, but also the wide range of emotions and side effects that are normally experienced by people diagnosed with a similar disease. In this way patients and their families can learn about coping mechanisms and take heart from the experience of other patients in a similar position.

The families and loved ones of diagnosed patients often do not know how to provide support. They do not understand the needs of the patient and their actions, performed out of concern and love, often achieve the exact opposite of what was intended. Internet sites can help to cone to the patients to experts and to other people suffering from the disease. They can provide valuable support and encouragement to both the patient and his family.

Patients often have to make drastic changes in areas such as diet, exercise and lifestyle choices. Online publications can provide invaluable advice and support in how to make these changes. Many sites also offer the opportunity to ask questions which are then answered by experts.

It can be difficult to choose between the many sites dedicated to information about the disease and support to patients suffering from it. The best course of action may be to join a few sites and to evaluate them over time. Those less helpful can then be eliminated. It would also be best to choose sites that are run by experts in this field and that offer both support and independent information.

Patients and their families should be extremely wary of sites that promises instant cures and supplements that will make side effects disappear. Many unscrupulous operators prey on the anxiety of patients and they know that desperate people will often grasp at any solution. In many cases these promises are not just false, but can actually cause more harm. It is important to discuss such cures with a doctor before making potentially disastrous decisions.

Cancer is no longer a death sentence. New treatment methods and lifestyle changes have seen to it that patients are now able to live productive lives. They continue to need support, however. A diagnosis of this nature can cause a wide variety of negative emotions that are not conductive to healing and positive action.

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