Friday, July 25, 2014

New York Urgent Care Facilities Provides You With A Better Option Than Emergency Rooms

By Sharron Cantu

If you have an injury or condition that needs to be dealt with right away or else it may end up becoming a lot worse, urgent care applies to you. In this case, you should go to a New York urgent care facility to treat your symptoms. This walk-in clinic takes in all types of people and are capable of treating all sorts of problems.

Say you got into a car accident on a weekend, and your neck is hurting quite a bit. You could go to a time-consuming and expensive emergency room, or just wait it out until Monday when you general practitioner can see you. If the pain is great but you can still move around, you might not want to spend so much money on an emergency room. The problem with this is that the injury can become even worse if you just let it be. This is a situation where you should probably go to a walk-in clinic center.

These urgent clinics allow patients to walk in if they have a minor emergency. They also have very long hours, so you can access them if you can't visit your regular doctor. These facilities act like a mixture between your regular doctor and a costly emergency room.

There are two categories of these walk-in clinic centers listed by the Urgent Care Association of America. Category 1 needs at least one licensed doctor on the premises at all times. Category 2 requires either a doctor or licensed nurse practitioner for the entire time. In any case, a doctor has to be the director and oversee the entire operation of the center.

A center such as this will accept all ages of patients. However, some facilities take pediatric patients only either the entire time or at certain hours. They are required to have two exam rooms, waiting room, restrooms, be open every day for at least four hours, and operate for at least three thousand hours annually. However, if the facility is within five miles of a properly regulated facility.

All the practitioners on site will have to be able to perform minor procedures and work IVs. They will also have to be able to use the X-rays, phlebotomy services, drug carts, oxygen, and automatic external defibrillators. Additionally, there must be phones available on the premises.

These walk-in clinic centers provide easy access and fast service. The alternative is to wait hours to be seen in an emergency room. Or, you could wait for your regular doctor, but the office may not be open or the schedules might be booked up. Instead, just visit an urgent care center.

These class of walk-in clinic centers will take you in without appointments and at any hour. Because they aren't very crowded with terrible emergencies, you can be seen quickly and get individual care. They will even take your insurance and offer great prices for their services.

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