Saturday, July 12, 2014

Why A Pill Straw Is The Latest Reprieve For Those Swallowing Pills

By Rosella Campbell

This straw helps do away with the difficulty experienced by many people when swallowing drugs, prescriptions, medications, food supplements or vitamins that are in form of pills. It has a unique design that incorporates similar actions that occur not only in the mouth but also in the throat when taking food or having a liquid drink. By utilizing the simple elements, the pill straw has managed to transform the once difficult task of having medicine into a trouble free anxiety free experience.

Extensive researches done on these tubes by health care experts in clinical centers and by regular individuals in the course of their day to day life indicate that it is a simple to use product for not only the young but also the old. It is also reliable, consistent and washable.

In readiness for swallowing, one should get a straw and the tablets. Since straw vary in size, get a straw based on how big or small your pill is. Medics however recommend the use of big tubes since they make the swallowing easier. Ultimately the size depends on what an individual prefers. Avoid unnecessary anxiety since this is am extremely simple process you are about to undertake.

Get water in a glass. The temperature of the liquid is within discretion of the person.

Once the pill is on any part of the tongue, a huge sip or slurp should be taken and before you know it the pill is gone. The pill, which remains suspended in the liquid during swallowing, goes done without chocking or gagging taking place. Other means of taking the tablets using the straw are also applicable.

Taking the medication by use of a straw simplifies the process in the following ways; ones head remains level when swallowing, the medication is held in some form of shelf In preparation for swallowing to take place, The start of sucking stimulates or triggers the swallowing reflex avoiding a gag response or any chocking. More significantly, the suspension of pill in the liquid reduces or eliminates the after taste completely.

The challenges experienced in swallowing can have far reaching consequences on the health of a person suffering from an illness especially if one skips medication thus disrupting the prescription schedule. Research reveals that an overwhelming 40%of American citizens have experienced tremendous challenges swallowing pills. Of these, up to 14% delayed taking medication while another 4% where totally unable to proceed with the medication . 8% took the medication inconsistently. ALL these cases are said to have greatly affected the effectiveness of the medication.

Children have been the most affected lot by this problem. Pills or capsules are new to them since they have been used to having liquid medicine . Despite many coming to loath these pills, they have come to find them totally indispensable. This is because unlike liquid medication which requires refrigeration, these do not. Pills are also used without much stress in travels and they give parents the much needed assurance that the dose is right. Besides that, they are able to overcome the problem of having to take liquid medication that has bad taste.

Parents are left with the responsibility of teaching kids how to swallow pills. Some have been forced to adopt positive attitudes and be patient since it might take until late teenage age for a child to learn how to take tablets. Therefore the straws used to take the medication have come as a great reprieve for parent who for many years have been forced to deal with kids reluctant to have solid medications.

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