Thursday, July 31, 2014

Research Of Stem Cells For Skin Care

By Miranda Sweeney

Researchers around the world are constantly searching for a formula that will slow the aging process and encourage the regeneration of collagen and elastin to reduce the effects of UV radiation and time on face and body. Many scientists have turned to stem cell research looking for the answers to physical signs of aging. The use of stem cells for skin care shows a lot of promise for those who want to slow the hands of time.

With few exceptions this type of topical treatment of one's face and body has no side effects with short or long term use. Some of them are created from botanical embryos that are harvested from plants known for their abilities to survive harsh environments and regenerate growth in damaged areas of their stems and branches. The creams created from plant embryos have been shown to be very effective when used up to three times a day by clients over a minimum of three months.

You will find other types of treatments made along the same lines but using instead biological elements such as unfertilized human eggs. These eggs have been donated for research in this area and are not damaged during the use of them. Researchers have the means to make the eggs behave as though they have been fertilized and cause them to create the amino acids and proteins that are then extracted and incorporated into the formulas for creams and serums being produced for face and body care.

One of the more controversial methods begins with harvesting cellular ingredients from the clients fat cells and injecting them as filler into the face. This is still an experimental process and has had mixed results. Some of these results have proven dangerous to the patient because of other ingredients included in the injections.

The most advanced area of this field is in the production of topical treatments. The goal of all research is to stimulate collagen using the proper proteins and amino acids. In the human body these proteins and acids decline as the body ages so the extracts used must contain a potpourri of growth factors, peptides and chemicals that signal the natural stimulation of regeneration to begin. The strongest discussions appears to be about the best source of these elements.

The enzymes that create the proteins and amino acids can readily be found in plants and most companies are switching to non-embryonic sources for these enzymes. Some are using chemical compounds that include the specialized peptides and enzymes but plant embryos create these naturally and they can be extracted and used in creating topical creams and serums.

The cell that effects the epidermis of people is located near hair follicles and sweat glands. They remain dormant until they receive a signal to begin a repair mode. At this point the cell splits into two types of cell one of which remains in place while the other is capable of creating virtually every type of new cell for the body.

Using this product in its topical form has been shown to be very effective for repairing and preventing signs of aging in the human body. Facial damage as well as bodily damage has been improved when clients followed the program for ninety day trial periods. Serums containing these ingredients may become far more available as research progresses.

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