Friday, July 11, 2014

Ways To Sickle Cell Anemia Prevention

By Coleen Torres

This is a condition in which patients red blood cells are produced sickle shaped. No proven scientific methods of prevention have been devised but certain measures if followed to the later can aid the sickle cell anemia prevention to the patients and also increase quality in their lives.

This measures range from regular body checkups according to the recommended time frame of between 3-6 months, drink sufficient fluids to avoid dehydration and avoiding smoking or staying in smoky areas. Patients should be re relaxed and should also avoid crowded places and strenuous activities besides having thorough and timely eye examinations.

To prevent infection of the disease patients should be regularly and completely vaccinated or immunized against all common ailments. Children should undergo each and every vaccination they are supposed to at the required time. These vaccines are like the pneumococcal vaccine which is a vaccine against pneumonia; they should be immunized against haemophillus influenza which causes menenngitis, and also meningococcal vaccine and hepatitis b vaccine.

Every year patients should have a tuberculosis skin test. Patients ought to indulge in prophylactic or preventive antibiotics that help prevent pneumonia among other serious common infections found in young ones and patients of this disease. An example of these antibiotics is penicillin which is given to anemic babies beginning from when they are 2 months old to 5 years old.

Diet and nutritional measures are also very important in preventing occurrences of this disease. Patients ought to avoid dehydration by taking in enough fluids each and every day. Patients should also adhere to a strict dietary and supplement procedures. Foods rich in minerals, vitamins, proteins, fats and calories should be their choice of ingestion. Examples of such foods are soybeans, fruits like watermelons, meat, poultry, bananas and plantains among others.

Childhood and adult patients are prone to stress related diseases like depression as a result of stigmatization, poor medical service and facilities among others. High cost of treatment is also a cause of stress related diseases that can be reduced by communal health care for this patients and proper hospitalization and medication. Patients and their care takers should make sure that they acquire stress free environments and support them both physically and emotionally in their day to day lives.

In line with tackling this disease, patients are advised to learn positive thinking and cognitive behavioral skill that helps in pain reduction and also help them acquire copying skills. Support groups and research materials today have been made readily available through many different online platforms. Patients can also rely on the cheap and readily available methods of help from parents and professionals.

In summary, the preventive measures for the anemia disease may add up to few simple rules; proper nutrition, stress free environment, and support from all members of the community. The patient should avoid negative attitudes at all time through humor, spirituality and having important goals in life.

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