Friday, July 25, 2014

In San Francisco Psychotherapy Can Help People In Different Ways

By Sharron Cantu

An individual with a mental disorder will find that help is available. Turning to a psychologist, psychiatrist or someone with a masters degree in social work will provide the opportunity for improvement. In san francisco psychotherapy can be a joint effort of psychologist and psychiatrist.

The word psychotherapy is used to refer to the general gamut of counseling. Some therapies are short-term and others long-term. Some patients are seen once a month and others have an appointment three times a week. It depends on the disorder, the opinion of the therapist and the needs of the client.

A therapist does his or her best to make the client feel relaxed and able to discuss anything. This is necessary to allow him or her to talk about intimate details relating to the disorder. When a client is ill at ease, it may be that another therapist would be better able to work with him.


He or she will reveal details about obsessive-compulsive disorder. This repetitious behavior often carried out by the obsessive-compulsive client may be strange or embarrassing. For example, one woman was having difficulty in leaving her home.

This was obviously insulting to the wife. He knew intellectually that the house was clean, but, could not stop. His wife eventually told him to get help or get out. Thus, he turned to a psychotherapist for help.

Men who fought in Vietnam often came home suffering from post-traumatic-stress-disorder. Due to their experience of hearing bombs overhead during the war, they would cringe on the Fourth of July when the holiday was celebrated with fireworks.They were easily startled when a loud noise occurred.

Some people are obsessed with saving things including food that is outdated. Sometimes the home is filled with so much junk that there is no place to walk. Hoarding is a disorder that is difficult to treat and difficult for the client to overcome.

Someone who is well-adjusted can become disturbed by a tragic situation happening to them. It could be a death in the family or contracting a serious illness. This can lead to clinical depression. This is not a simple case of sadness that subsides after a month or two. Clinical depression can lead to suicide attempts.

A psychotherapist cannot change the tragedy that leads to depression. He can only help the patient through it. A psychiatrist may need to prescribe medication to combat the symptoms. Sessions with the psychologist can often lead to a lifting of the depression.

If a patient is facing an end-of-life situation, psychotherapy may be able to help them to accept it as much as possible. Decisions can be made about whether to go into hospice care, and making final arrangements. It may be important to see all loved ones one more time. If any conflicts with loved ones do exist, it may bring a sense of peace to resolve them.

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