Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Proceeding With A Breast Exam San Diego CA

By Sharron Cantu

If individuals wish to remain in optimal health as they move forward in their lives, they'll need to commit to having exams every once in awhile. By getting a breast exam San Diego CA residents can ensure that they remain healthy in the years ahead. As long as people see a reputable physician, they can count on good treatment very step of the way.

Such examinations are generally used to ward off cancer. If there is a history of cancer within the family, for example, then individuals will want to get checked on a regular basis. Professionals will be able to detect if early-stage malignancies are present. This way, a viable treatment plan can be created before the cells begin to spread to other areas of the body.

Lumps will usually indicate that there is a problem underneath the surface of the skin. Lumps can come in a variety of texture, however, so finding one does always mean that cancer is present. Doctors will be able to determine if the lump is benign or malignant. If the latter, an immediate treatment plan can be set up so that resident cancer cells are eliminated as soon as possible.

Mammograms can also help. These scans can look deeper into the tissue to determine what is going on. Mammograms are not generally painful and can be performed on women of all ages. Doctors will set up their patients in the proper position so that slices of the breasts can be taken. The cells can then be examined closely for irregularities.

Doctors will be able to run their fingers over the breasts and apply gentle pressure in certain areas. If they find an area that appears abnormal, this location can be tested further. Manual exams are often the first defense against cancer. When the lump can be discovered and excised, women will have a much greater chance of surviving the condition.

Females who are over 40 year of age will surely want to go to the gynecologist a few times each year. In most cases, a nurse practitioner will be the one tasked with making sure there are no irregularities. Females who are between 20 and 40 of age should listen to the advice of their physician to determine when they need to get checked.

The test results may take a few days to come in. Physicians will usually call their patients and ask them to come into the office for a discussion. This way, the details of the diagnosis can be discussed without anyone else listening in. Patients can also use the time to ask questions about what will be happening next. Doctors can walk women through the process.

In the end, getting a breast examine will be important. When females take the time to get checked out, they will have a much better chance of catching things before the get worse. Women will thus be able to remain healthy well into old age and even beyond. Being proactive will be an important part of the process in the months and years ahead.

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