Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A Few Reasons Why You Should Use A Porta Potty

By Jocelyn Davidson

It is necessary that we need to have a hygienic and convenient way in disposing our waste. Although sometimes toilets and washrooms are not available. That is why we need to utilize portable toilets especially in public places that do not have access to certain facilities. Some of these are during huge outdoor events like concerts and festivals, parks and beaches, and in some cases, during harsh weather.

By now you might wonder how it works. It uses disintegrating and deodorizing chemicals to maintain it. Due to this, disposal should be regulated by both the manufacturer and the local government. In the case of a porta potty Edmonton, they have their own Composting Facility who takes care of this.

There is little water inside the mechanism of the toilet. It is mixed along with chemicals like Formaldehyde, Bromine, and even Nitrate based formula, and then stored into a waste tank. There is usually an indicator for the capacity of waste it can handle, therefore it should be regularly emptied and disposed properly. And here comes the role of the manufacturer and rental companies.

A lot of rental companies offer services where they regularly clean and dispose these portable toilets. They even have different models which vary from handwash stations and handicap toilets. The modelling is according to the need of the users, especially with construction workers and in public places.

Just like the ordinary toilet at home, it has the same shape of the seat and has a commode. Although these physical aspects change depending on the model of the porta potty. As what has been described before, it has a separate water and chemicals container for flushing while the actual waste tank also has chemicals for deodorizing and also disintegrating.

Here is a great thing about it, in case of emergencies, this is an alternative during winter where pipes are either frozen or have exploded from freezing temperatures. In some cases where the temperature outside is too low, you would opt for filling your tub with water to use for flushing.

This concept was also adapted for huge vehicles like RVs and planes. Inside the toilet in planes, they use a vacuum for flushing. It goes along with the chemicals to compress it to around two percent its original volume. All of these are stored in a tank.

In RVs though, some of the later types have a fan and a heating system. This is used in order to evaporate the 90% water which usually composes the human waste. This would be convenient when maintaining the waste tank since there would be little waste left to take out.

Primarily, the mechanism of the porta potty has done a great deal with the relief and convenience of people when they are in places void from regular toilets. They are also integrated in long distance transport to make it even easier. But the main concern is how these type of toilets are maintained.

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