Saturday, October 11, 2014

Helpful Insomnia Tips Provided By Chicago Area Sleep Medicine Center

By Tyrone Sojka

If you go to bed at night and sleep seems to elude you, you are not alone, as most people have nights in which they simply cannot sleep. Sleeplessness can become a chronic condition with some people, creating all sorts of problems. Your sleep medicine center has the answers to your Chicago insomnia problems.

You might not be sleeping well because of habits. During the week, you get up at the same time each day to get ready for work or school. However, on days you do not work, you might go to bed late and get up late. This can confuse your body and keeping sleep habits uniform may help.

Maybe you like to take a short nap as soon you arrive home in the evenings. This may be the reason that you cannot sleep all night. Instead, try to find something to do that will keep you awake, so when it is time for bed you will be tired and have no problems falling asleep.

Perhaps you like to watch television and snack in the bedroom. This is very convenient but it could be making it hard for you to sleep at night because one associates going to bed with staying awake not going to sleep. A bedroom should be used for sleep and intimacy only. Avoid activities in the bedroom that will keep you awake.

Eating late at night can interfere with a good night's rest. When you snack on potato chips and candy before bedtime you are taking in a lot of carbohydrates and this raises blood sugar. Increased blood sugar releases insulin and stress hormones and this can keep you awake for hours. Instead of high carb snacks, opt for ones that have tryptophan and protein, like pumpkin seeds, soybeans, and turkey.

Avoid a lot of fluids before bed, especially drinks with caffeine or sugar. A daily exercise routine reduces stress and may help you sleep. When standard sleep strategies fail, you can turn to your sleep medicine center for insomnia. They have the latest in sleep technology to help you.

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