Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Overview On General And Cosmetic Dentistry

By Dominique Martin

It is commonly known that dentists are associated with tooth extraction, cleaning, filling, and getting braces and retainers from. Although the practice and study has evolved since then and many other services and procedures are being made to either give better aesthetics or functionality for your overall oral cavity. This would make it more convenient for people who have various problems with their teeth, gums, or mouth.

These are becoming more varied and there is a lot to choose depending on the needs of the individual. Cosmetic dentistry Andover patients would benefit with these methods that would enhance or repair their oral cavity. Whichever it may be from teeth whitening, reshaping, filling, bridges, or veneers.

Although it is known that this is not entirely a focused study or field that is recognized by the American Dental Association, a lot of dentists have claimed themselves to be cosmetic dentists. This is considered highly unethical and most of them have marketing objectives towards their patients. There are only two specialities that are involved, which is Prosthodontics and Orthodontics.

Prosthodontics is a focus wherein the specialist would provide prosthesis equipment specially made for the patient to aid them because of the lack of a tooth or its damage. This would greatly help people who are having congenital defects. These are likely causes from surgery, defects from birth, cancer, or trauma.

Dentofacial Orthopedics or also known as Orthodontics, is the original and initial study for dentistry. These specialists would mainly deal with providing control, displacement, and modification of the growth of the jaw area and the teeth because of malocclusions or otherwise improper bites. Although this focus has its limit and could only do this and not other procedures like how general dentistry are able to do others.

The value for these procedures may rely mostly on the cosmetic aspect and less or none at all on the functionality. With this, whitening is the most common procedure that most people do especially when some products for this may be bought over the counter. Regardless, this should still be supervised under a professional to make sure of the quality and also with the safety.

Bonding and Veneers are processes in which materials are added on the crown for either sculpting or hardening it. Veneers are mainly used for sculpting and does not react well with whitening, and it is mainly used for closing in gaps. These are ultra thin and they are a custom made porcelain material.

Dental bridges are false teeth that are attached in between real ones or other false ones as well to fill in gaps that are missing. It is a fixed dental restoration and these types may vary depending on the procedure and methods. Examples for this is either an indirect restoration or an implant.

Another one is gum lifting where the gum line is resculpted to an optimum look to make it aligned and more symmetrical. Aside from the gums, the underlying bones may also be modified to achieve this. But of course, before having any of these procedures to be done, consult a dentist that has enough credentials, license, and accreditation, as well as for the clinic, hospital, or institute.

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