Monday, October 20, 2014

Hiram GA Personal Injury Attorney Provides Peace Of Mind During Tough Times

By Maria Elena Zerna

If a personal injury is caused by another persons negligence it can be compounded if you are unable to work. When you are disabled, either temporarily or permanently, you may have bills piling up as a result. By consulting a Hiram Auto Accident attorney, you may be able to collect the damages you rightly deserve.

Tort law is that which is involved with civil wrongdoing. A personal injury lawyer is most experienced in this area of the law and can help by bringing suit against that guilty driver. The person who is injured can collect for damages caused by the negligent driver of the other car.

The drunken driver who is traveling the wrong way on a road and causes a head-on collision is at fault for the other drivers injuries. An attorney can advise the victim as to the amount he is entitled to. In many instances a case is settled without going to trial.

If both the injured party and the driver at fault can agree on the terms of the settlement, it can be done out of court. Included are loss of wages, medical bills resulting from the crash and an amount for punitive damages to compensate for pain and suffering.

When the victim is killed in an accident caused by a negligent driver, the family is entitled to file a wrongful death suit. A lawyer can estimate the best amount to request. By seeking the advice of that legally-trained individual the family will determine the amount they are entitled to collect.

A premises liability claim may be filed by the employee who is injured on the job. Some accidents are unavoidable. However, if unsafe working conditions, such as an oily floor, cause a worker to fall and break a leg, the employer is subject to a liability claim. A lawyer can guide the victim through the process of applying for temporary or permanent disability benefits through Social Security as well.

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