Tuesday, October 14, 2014

San Jose Thyroid Doctor Offers Solutions For Weight Gain

By Douglas Gibney

The thyroid gland is a part of the body. It is used for important functions in the body. Located at the base of the neck, it is considered the biggest endocrine gland in the human body and consists of two lobes that are connected. A San Jose thyroid doctor can be of aid to local patients struggling with the health of this body part.

This gland controls how quickly our bodies are able to use energy. It is also important for controlling the sensitivity to hormones and making proteins. It regulates growth and function of many systems of the body.

If the thyroid is not working correctly, there can be problems. People that have one that is working under its normal functionality might have issues with gaining extra pounds. This is a symptom that will occur regardless of how well the person eats and is therefore not behavior based. It can be difficult for people to accept this, which might be what encourages them to seek out professional help.

In conventional medicine, there are many different options available for managing this gland. Those who have been struggling with gaining weight and other symptoms of hypothyroid disorders might be put on medication. This prescription drug is designed to regulate the function of the gland, helping a person re-stabilize their weight and shed the extra weight.

Being extremely tired is another condition that is common for those with glands that are under-active. This can prevent a person from having the energy to be active and do exercise, which adds to the issue of gaining points. Overweight persons are at higher risk of developing other medical issues. Because of this, regulating wealth is integral.

People should do research to seek out the right doctor for them. These professionals should be willing and capable of addressing concerns and questions of the clients. Likewise, they should have correct certification and training to practice in the field. The suggestion is to work with a thyroid doctor, or endocrinologist, who specializes in this field of medicine.

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