Sunday, October 26, 2014

How Functional Medicine Can Help You Feel Your Best In Las Vegas

By Bob Albert Lewis

Functional medicine is an alternative holistic practice. This type of therapy focuses on helping the body reach optimum functioning. Folks do not need to suffer from a condition or disease to reap the benefits of functional medicine provided by a thyroid doctor Las Vegas has to offer.

It is important for people to understand what this type of medicine addresses. By using an approach that is system oriented, the practitioner and the patient develop a healing relationship. This alternative to traditional medicine addresses the underlying source of disease. The practitioner shifts the approach from a disease centered to a patient centered focus.

This is a therapy that addresses the individual holistically. Conventional medicine tends to place focus on symptoms. The care provider listens to patients and looks for a relationship between a disease and genetics, history, lifestyle, and environment. In traditional medicine the doctor does not typically look for this kind of connection.

More folks are looking for a holistic approach to medicine due to the increase in cases of diseases like diabetes, cancer, heart disease, and autoimmune disorders. Often an alternative approach can improve these conditions significantly. In traditional care prescription and over the counter medications and surgeries are used for immediate relief of symptoms.

Conventional care does not get to the root of the problem to address and prevent chronic disease. Typically, there is no attention given to environmental exposure and lifestyle that directly influence the increase in numerous chronic diseases. Practitioners lack training in identifying underlying causes of disease and the application of nutrition and exercise to heal and prevent the illnesses.

The functional approach combines alternative and conventional practices. The focus is on the prevention of illness using nutrition, exercise, and diet. Various tests are combines with other evaluation tools and used to put together a plan for therapy. Each plan is specific to the individual and may stress management, botanical or prescribed medication, detoxification, or nutrition.

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