Monday, October 13, 2014

Discover How Neuropathy Sufferers Find Relief With Las Vegas Thyroid Doctor

By Amie Murrieta

The thyroid gland helps regulate metabolism, the rate at which physical processes function within the body. Too-high or low hormonal output can contribute to different forms of neuropathy, a type of nerve damage. A Las Vegas thyroid doctor helps those who suffer chronic symptoms live with less pain and disruption in their daily lives.

Neuropathy is best described as a complication of other serious health circumstances. Uncontrollable body functions such as heart rate can be affected by autonomic neuropathy, characterized by excess hormonal output. Chronically low production encourages peripheral nerve damage in the hands and feet if ignored or neglected for long periods.

Sharp pains, dull aches, tingling, and a burning sensation are the most commonly reported symptoms. Muscles used for hand control may feel asleep, or may weaken alarmingly. Fluid buildup internally can put pressure on important nerve endings, and can result in internal damage. Loss of tactile sensation can be debilitating and extensive.

Because it is symptomatic of many diseases, discovering the underlying cause involves a thorough physical examination in addition to blood tests. These will detect metabolic disorders including diabetes, kidney and liver problems, nutrient deficiencies, and immune system issues, as well as the extent of current damage to nerve cells.

Some rarer types of neuropathy have a genetic basis, but most others respond well to recommended changes in certain daily habits, especially when the problem is associated with diabetes. As long as damaged cells remain intact, they can regenerate, reducing pain and increasing sensation. Damage can be largely repaired if seriously addressed without delay.

Physicians prescribe pain medication when analgesics prove ineffective, but also rely on education and patient participation in weight control, building a realistic exercise program, cutting down on alcohol, and practicing better nutrition. Lasting solutions for most sufferers usually involve a combination of medication and personal change.

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