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For Good Colonoscopy Conway Offers A Recommendable Destination

By Walter Carter

There are several medical procedures that doctors can perform these days to prevent various medical conditions from occurring in the body. One of these medical procedures is colonoscopy. This condition is performed by a physician, normally a gastroenterologist. The purpose of the condition is to allow the physician to directly image and examine the whole colon. This procedure is very important in the examination and evaluation of various medical conditions that affect the colon. When in need of Colonoscopy Conway should be visited.

Some of the medical conditions that can be observed and evaluated through this procedure include inflammatory bowel disease, diverticulosis, colon cancer, bleeding, and colon polyps. The procedure can also help in the evaluation of abdominal pain, and change in bowel habits. Colonoscopy is also very important in the screening of colon cancer and in the identification and elimination of precancerous polyps.

Colonoscopy is done by use of special equipment called a colonoscope. This instrument is steerable and flexible. The instrument is able to obtain the bioscopy of a suspicious area due to how it is engineered. Also, it is able to remove polyps that normally become cancerous over time. In the US, the lifetime danger of getting colon cancer is 6 percent. If a first degree family member had colon cancer or polyps, then this risk becomes greater.

It is indicated by research that cancer cases are reduced significantly for individuals that undergo this process. Unfortunately, not everybody goes for this process although it is capable of reducing cancer cases. It is because most doctors do not discuss this option with their patients that most individuals are not able to go for the procedure.

Another reason that people cite for not going for this procedure is the fear for the preparation process involved. Part of the preparation process involves taking a laxative, which induces temporary diarrhea for several hours. Lastly, some people are just not aware that they need this process. As such, by the time they learn about it, it is already too late and they have an advanced case of colon cancer.

Fear is also cited a lot by people for not going for this procedure. This should not be the case because it is a painless process. However, twilight or an intravenous sedative is usually administered to the patient. The patient becomes drowsy but is still comfortable and is capable of breathing without help. The sedative is characterized as having a mild amnesiac effect that wipes the memory of the person regarding the process so that they cannot remember.

The procedure can be paid for using insurance cover. Advocacy groups have been proactive in advocating for insurance coverage for clients who undergo this process. The procedure is associated with certain risks in the same way most medical tests are. However, the risks can be reduced significantly if the process is performed by a well-trained physician such as gastroenterologist.

Most complications that have been observed are usually related to sedation administration. The sedative may causes respiratory and cardiac problems, but this is rare. Perforation of the colon may also happen during the process, making it necessary for surgery. Bleeding due to the performance of the procedure may also make it necessary for the patient to be hospitalized.

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