Sunday, January 20, 2019

How Stem Cell Therapy Centers Have Helped The Society

By Janet Powell

There is so much controversy that has plagued the field of medicine and cell therapy being one of the medicine field has many controversies associated with the practice. For any new way of doing things there has to be merits and demerits and the critic needed to perfect the invention. Stem compartment therapy is the involvement of stem cells to treat diseases that have affected the cells. For stalk compartment treatment to be conducted stem cell therapy centers have to be present and more and more of them have been constructed.

To understand this form of healing and its benefits, one has to first familiarize themselves with the term stalk cells. Stem cells are cells which have the ability to change from one type of cell into another and they can also rejuvenate themselves to keep reproducing. The most common form of part cell healing is the bone marrow transplant.

At the healing centres, the most common practice is the bone marrow transplant which is the one with the most famous and is used on patients battling leukaemia. This transplant sees the transplanted cubicles eliminating the cancer cubicles hence leaving one cancer free. There is also another form of stalk cubicle healing used to help children with the graft-host disease and do not respond to steroids.

Stalk cubicles are also used in Neurodegeneration of brain cubicles that have been damaged by diseases like the Alzheimers disease which causes memory loss to the majority of the patients suffering from dementia. In this case, section compartment healing mains aim is to help restore neural section cubicles present in a healthy adult brain and helps maintain the part cells numbers.

Stalk compartment treatment is also being used in many centres to help treat the victims of traumatic brain injuries that have also resulted in spinal cord injuries. With this, the generated part cubicles are transplanted into the patient and hence helping stimulate a rebirth of new healthier cubicles that then replace the damaged ones.

Stem compartment treatment can also be used in patients who have heart disease and in this practice it is explained as such. New stalk cells can be transplanted in the faulty heart and thus the hearth regenerates new heart muscles this also will help in regrowth of new blood vessels that will replace the damaged ones. This also secretes growth factors in the heart.

The studies have been taken a notch higher and research is being put into using part cubicles to help regrow teeth. This will see the stalk cells of patients teeth, regenerated in the laboratory and then transplanted into the patient hence triggering the growth of a new tooth that would have otherwise not grown.

In conclusion, this is a practice that has undeniable benefits but also has major criticism thrown its way. Many people claim that such a vital field does not have enough research put into it and anti-abortion activists claim that the use of human fetuses in cubicle regeneration is wrong. It is an also expensive practice.

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