Monday, January 21, 2019

New Treatment For Lyme Disease Revealed

By Sandra Barnes

Ticks do more harm than sucking blood from victims. They are known to be carriers of Lyme Disease, a pain condition that is known to affect the nervous system. Summer is the season when the infection rate goes up. Scientists are working hard to find new treatment for Lyme Disease especially considering the challenges of antibiotic resistance leading to chronic illness.

Early diagnosis is recommended like in all other diseases. The challenge with this tick transmitted infection is that the symptoms are confusing. For instance, you will experience a headache, which will be treated using painkillers. This leaves the bacteria to continue damaging your nervous system, brains, joints and heart, among other organs. It will become difficult to treat once it advances.

Doctors administer antibiotics at the early stages. Dosage depends on how much your body can handle and whether the bacteria have spread widely through the body. The doctor also considers the fact that you could be pregnant or breastfeeding to avoid feeding the child on medical chemicals. Treatment takes 10 to 21 days with the results depending on strength of medication administered, your immune system and whether the infection had spread to other parts of the body.

Your chances of healing increase several folds when you are when diagnosis is done early. There is a danger of the bacteria spreading to the nervous system and becoming difficult to treat if there is delay in treatment. If antibiotics are not administered early, they will have to be injected into veins directly because of the advanced status of the infection.

Medication for treatment of advanced Lyme Disease is given for 2-3 weeks through IV. The aim is to ensure that the medicine gets right into your blood stream and begins working immediately. There will also be attempts to relieve other symptoms like fever and the resulting pain. You will be required to modify your diet as well as stretch a bit in order to make your joints more flexible.

Some people will fail to respond to medication within the expected time. With persistent symptoms, the doctor is forced to take alternative steps. The fact that you are using antibiotics may also prove to be a problem for several people. How well you respond to medication depends your immune system. Antibiotics also come with nasty side effects that will make some conditions tough for you. Among the symptoms to expect include diarrhea and a drop in your white blood cells count. Headaches have been reported in a lot of people. Bacterial attack also knocks down your immune system, leaving you vulnerable to opportunistic diseases.

Some people have to deal with chronic Lyme Disease as symptoms continue beyond 6 months. This is attributed to extended spreading of the disease and antibiotic resistance. The doctor is left to treat opportunistic symptoms and infections. With other measures like modification of diet and physical exercises, your health will gradually improve.

The infected person should follow through medication strictly. In case it gets chronic, medication could be adjusted. The doctor will also monitor your response and take appropriate action especially when your condition deteriorates. You will also need to treat symptoms and ease pain alongside physical therapy to increase flexibility.

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