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Useful Information Regarding Queens NY Hernia

By Debra Perry

The term hernia is a general term used to refer to a condition where tissue or other body organs bulge though the structures that are meant to contain them. Any body organ can herniate. For example the brain tissue as well as the spine discs can herniate without discrimination. This is what Queens NY Hernia is all about.

Although all types of body tissues and organs are capable of herniating, the most common type of hernia is the abdominal herniation. This condition happens when the muscular structure of the abdominal area presents an opening or weakness. This causes the abdominal cavity lining to protrude through this opening. It results in a bulge in the walls of the abdomen. When pressure increases in the abdomen due to tightening of the muscles of the abdomen, the bulge becomes more noticeable.

When one takes part in activities that increase intra-abdominal pressure, they make the hernia worse. Such type of activities includes lifting weights, straining during bowel movement or urination, and coughing. This type of hernia can also make abdominal organs such as the intestines to protrude. This results to incarceration which refers to a medical complication whereby tissues and organs get trapped in openings formed.

Incarceration is a medical emergency that needs to be handled immediately it occurs. This condition is a serious condition since it hinders supply of blood to the trapped organs. The organs may get damaged or they may die as a result of not getting supplied with blood. This condition can only be solved through surgery.

The prevalence of abdominal hernia is very high. In fact, statistics indicate that 10 percent of the American population usually suffers from this condition at some point in their life. The condition can occur in both men and women alike. The condition can also affect people of all ages ranging from infants and children to adults and the elderly. Even though both men and women can fall victim to this condition, men tend to have the condition more than women.

In most instances, abdominal hernias happen in the area around the groin. Several factors cause this tendency. The natural anatomical weakness is the first reason why the groin area is prone to this problem. Incomplete muscle coverage in the groin area makes it susceptible to having openings or rapturing and weakness. A light opening can also enlarge as time goes by and lead to a serious situation.

Another reason for the groin area to be predisposed to abdominal hernia is due to the natural upright position humans maintain when they are standing up or sitting. In either position, more pressure is applied to the bottom of the abdomen. When high pressure is applied, it leads to more stress to the muscles in the groin area which are already weak. This pressure and stress leads to enlargement of the opening, causing tears which later lead to hernias.

There are many various types of abdominal hernias that exist. Usually, some of them coexist. The main kinds of hernias are navel, femoral, and ventral hernias. Femoral hernia can be grouped into indirect and direct hernias. Swelling and pain are among the main symptoms of the different types of hernias.

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