Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Locating The Best Medical Tourism Companies

By Catherine Myers

When it comes to quality health care and medical attention, the United States now falls behind other countries. For, while Universal Health Care remains a dream for many Americans, there are no plans in place for instituting such plans. As a result, there are now a number of medical tourism companies moving to, or setting up in the United States.

In the last year, there have been facilitators and companies settle in different areas of the United States. Most of these companies boast in advertising campaigns about being loyal, faithful and truthful to those in need of health care. While some are actually being honest, others are often only attempting to increase revenue. As such, it is often good to check the past history of such companies before making a deposit or making payment.

Most often, companies who pay for high dollar advertising in this area are being honest. Whereas, individuals listing services as a medical tourist facilitator most often are not. As such, it is important to verify prices, terms and conditions, services and treatments with overseas health care providers, or obtain such information from a facilitator. For, if an individual arrives at a destination, then can not receive treatment, the outcome could be dire.

When researching medical tourism oriented companies, it is important to inquire about the pricing of care, operations and treatments before arriving at a destination. If it is not possible to do so, it is important to ask the facilitator to obtain and provide the exact cost necessary to acquire such treatment and all services provided at such cost.

Most often, these organizations will also provide reports to overseas health care providers and can assist in obtaining all paperwork required for travel such as passports and visas. While this is the case, if there are vaccinations required for travel to various countries, those must be acquired in the country of origin before leaving home.

Most often, the cost of facilities including sight seeing, 3 meals per day, hospital bills, cost of treatment, labs, post and pre-operative care, flight tickets, and hospital bills are included in a package. While some facilitators break these costs down, others simply provide an overall price for the entire package. In either case, there are often payment plans available for those whom are in need of financing.

When choosing a company, it is important to talk with the medical staff whom will be providing such treatment before providing a deposit or making payment. In most cases, facilitators can set up a conference call between client and medical staff in order for such communication to take place. After which, most clients will have far more confidence in the process and those providing medical attention and treatment.

Most facilitators also allow clients to discuss experiences with those whom have traveled on such packages in the past. For, past clients can often share information related to the area, medical staff and treatment experience when traveling to the same destination. Regardless of reports from past clients, or talking with medical staff, it is important to use a company offering a return on monies paid should plans change before or during travel.

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