Thursday, January 24, 2019

Independent Medical Practice Resources And Health Care

By Ann Meyer

Opening a private practice is not always an easy task for new or existing physicians. Whereas, the association of independent medical practice resources is attempting to make it easier. In addition, it could also be the right move for new graduates and others as there is a huge shortage of doctors and medical staff currently working in the private sector.

Due to the number of independent offices which have been acquired by, or sold to equity firms and hospitals, private practices are approaching critical conditions. For, in most cases, the doctors and staff at the private practice become employees of the clinic or hospital whom acquired the facility. As such, it is a situation which is not healthy nor beneficial for doctors or staff put in this position.

When this happens, studies have shown that health care quality often goes down while prices go up. Whereas, access to care can be limited or lost, thus leaving communities more vulnerable to disease and sickness and doctors less satisfied. For, while some may be left sick and dying, others will not be able to acquire vaccinations to prevent getting sick in the future.

In studies performed and provided by AID, the consolidation of health care providers from the private sector into clinics and hospitals has also resulted in an increase in health insurance premiums. For example, since the trend started, studies show there has been an ongoing increase in the cost of health insurance. As a result, in a country where there are already too many people which can not afford premiums, the association finds this unacceptable.

The association, a national non-profit trade organization has members in over half of the United States. The group works to raise awareness among doctors about the negative aspects which occur to the health care system when hospitals buy and consolidate those working in private practice. For, in large part, the trend is not to improve health care but rather to reduce competition among providers.

The association was established in 2013 by two certified public accountants whom were frustrated by the negative impacts the trend was having on doctors, clients and the overall health care system. In the years since AID was established, the association has represented the voices of doctors all over the country with regards to saving the private practice sector. In doing so, it is hoped that a number of private practices will be saved along with the jobs of those working in the area.

Physicians, clients and others can discover more about AID by visiting the organization's website. Whereas, doctors and other visitors to the site can view a number of videos to learn how to help stop these take overs from happening. After which, AID hopes that a number of new medical school graduates, and those whom have been working in clinics and hospitals will either open a new private practice or re-open a former one.

The acquisitions are destroying the lives of doctors, medical staff and others working in an area which is already in crisis. While this is the case, the association hopes to stop, if not at least slow down the trend in the near future. For, while those acquiring the private practices suggest doing so is for positive reasons, most often it is a measure to reduce competition, lower salaries and increase rates for services provided.

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