Friday, January 18, 2019

Stem Cell Treatment Centers And Current Research

By Jason Scott

A team of doctors, biologists, bio-engineers and scientists are now conducting research trials at the Mayo Clinic in relation to regenerative medicine. Stem Cell Treatment centers are a main focus in current ongoing studies. In addition, stem cells have become an active part of transplant medicine and surgery over the last five years.

Regenerative medicine also known as stem cell therapy has proven to replace, repair, reprogram or renew diseased cells in the body. For, these particular cells have the ability to grow in multiple areas of the body. As a result, cells often spread more rapidly in individuals exhibiting signs of diseased cells.

Currently, there are two types of these cells which can be used is this manner, adult cells which have been genetically modified in a lab and those which can be developed out of embryos. In most cases, embryos are collected following an abortion though if occurring in a sterile facility, embryos can also be retrieved following a miscarriage.

Researchers are now studying the ability of these reprogrammed cells to be modified into specialized cells which can regenerate and repair cells in the nerves, blood, heart and other parts of the body. In doing so, it has been discovered that the cells can potentially heal and treat a number of conditions.

There are also studies looking at different the cause of different conditions. For, only when doctors, scientists and researchers can understand the cause of a condition, can researchers begin looking at vaccines and other methods for preventing such disease in the future. After which, individuals can often opt in to a number of trials related to prevention and treatments for a specific condition.

Individuals suffering from Parkinson's and a number of joint related issues have been excellent examples in proving stem cells to be a positive treatment in this area. As a result, doctors, scientists, researchers and those in ongoing trials now consider stem cell treatment to be a viable goal in preventing or curing different conditions in the future.

A great deal of research still needs to be completed for while the therapy has often proved beneficial during research, the trials have also shown unpredictable results. As a result, the success in using these cells in different therapies often relies on funding, regulatory guidelines and future trials. In addition, the Mayo Clinic also has to maintain the safety of patients while conducting trials in this area.

The clinic can currently provide bone marrow transplants which include a number of stem cells. When it comes to trials, people with lymphoma, leukemia and other cancers must still undergo periods of chemotherapy and radiation following such transplants. If interested in this type of treatment, individuals can contact the Mayo Clinic for more information.

While this is the case, the primary goal of the service is to provide consultation and education related to a number of diseases, illnesses and conditions while answering questions about different therapies. After which, staff members provide guidance as a measure of determining whether these individuals are appropriate for ongoing trials. Whereas, the regenerative medicine staff may also be consulted if an individual or physician has questions about the potential use of stem cell therapies related to issues with the heart, liver, lungs or pancreas.

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