Saturday, March 2, 2013

All About The History Of Professional Wrestling

By Ava Hudson

Wrestling is probably one of the most popular sports or entertainment in the planet. These days, it has an amazing fan base ranging from people of all ages, gender, orientation, and socio economic status. If you are such a fan of this sport, you would have a greater appreciation of this if you have a good idea of its beginning or the history of professional wrestling.

This sport is something that has existed as early as the 1800s. In this period, this is not yet a profession or a career. Many people do this for fun especially during their spare time. Others get paid to wrestle but only for a small amount of money. Amateur wrestlers get to wrestle in carnival shows where there are many people that would like to watch strong men fight with skill.

From just doing carnival shows, the public has come to become fond of wrestlers. The popularity of the sport became a way for some people to earn money from a paying audience. Wrestlers started to have managers and there are promoters that take care of arranging matches and finding sponsors for the wrestlers.

It was not until the rise of colored television that there was a major boom in the world of wrestling. The invention of television allowed matches to be aired in many places thereby creating an even bigger fan base. Colored television made it even more appealing to the audience especially to teens and younger children.

As wrestlers grew in number and the sport became very popular, there are also many wrestling organizations that were formed. These organizations have further solidified the sport's standing. The competing organizations only increase the quality of the shows and matches that the viewers or audience get to see.

With the presence of other competing organizations, managers and wrestles thought of ways to effectively catch other people's attention. One thing they did is make everything flashier. Wrestlers started to wear flashy costumes and use numerous props. Wrestlers also started to adopt a certain person to make fights more dramatic.

Even though the sport's popularity slowed down during the 1950s, it soon found its way to the top during the 1980. This is the time when the term sport entertainment was made famous by the people behind the group called World Wrestling Federation. It has then given birth to a series of shows and gimmick characters that defined a generation.

Nowadays, many people get to see wrestlers become famous and very rich. A lot of professional wrestlers were given the chance to become product endorsers and have million dollar sponsors. There are even some that were fortunate enough to become guest starts or have their own television series or movies.

The same with the wrestlers' costumes, the history of professional wrestling is a colorful one. It has its some ups and downs before it came to be what it is now. Some may say that it is nothing but an act. However, for many out there this is a show that features strong people that make it their job to provide a different and exciting form of entertainment.

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