Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Hidden Fat Loss Benefits Of Creatine Supplements

By Russ Howe

When you are discussing sports supplements, it is common to associate creatine with muscle building goals and not losing weight. The fact is, however, this supplement has been proven to help with fat loss and today you will discover why it's one of the best hidden weight loss tips around.

One of the key reasons it is often overlooked is that the genre of losing weight is so dominated by fat loss pills and fad diets. Many people are a little scared to use products which have a reputation for building lean tissue. []

However, researchers recently confirmed what was believed in bodybuilding circles for many years - it holds multiple benefits for those who are looking to lose unwanted body fat! To get to grips with the finer details on why this happens, you must first understand what it actually does. Basically, it's responsible for your body's ability to perform short explosive moves such as jumping and lifting heavy things. Your body produces the substance naturally, but only in very small amounts.

It first hit the spotlight during the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, where many coaches with sprinting athletes on their books began using it in their diets in the build up to the games. Their reasoning for this was that it would increase their explosive ability over a short distance, making it perfect for 100m sprinters. Their reasoning turned out to be correct, with many record times being logged and countless scientific studies going on to confirm it's effectiveness and safety. Bodybuilders began using it shortly afterwards, realizing that it would enable them to lift slightly heavier weights due to the increase in explosive strength it provided. It's reputation as a quality muscle building product was then cemented.

So don't make the mistake of presuming that you'll pile on extra muscle mass just because you use this product. You will not. It's what you do with the extra explosive power that counts. If your current training routine is geared around fat loss program then this will only enhance your results further.

The reason it's so effective as a fat loss supplement is that recent scientific studies confirmed the more lean muscle tissue we build, the more efficient the human body is at burning body fat automatically. That's right - the more lean tissue you hold on your body, the better you get at burning unwanted body fat even when you are not in the gym!

It has also been shown to force more water into the muscle cell, creating a fuller, harder look to all of the major muscle groups and enabling you to look more toned.

Creatine is an often misunderstood supplement, with too much emphasis being placed on it's use within bodybuilding and athletics and not enough light being shone on it as a fat loss product. However, it remains one of the best weight loss tips for anyone looking to sculpt a leaner, more toned physique.

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