Monday, March 18, 2013

Protein, Potassium and Sodium should be limited in renal diet

By Tom Stiles

Renal diet plan or kidney diet is a diet plan for the people which are suffering from kidney disease. There are also over 30 millions of people in Usa that are struggling with kidney disease and the numbers of patients are increasing day by day. Excessive alcohol drinking, cigarette smoking and excessive processed foods are the most common reason of renal disease. There isn't any particular renal disease diet for every patient. If you're also suffering from renal disease then you must seek advice from your medical doctor and ask for renal disease diet for you. Medical doctor study regarding your kidney situation and prepare very best renal disease diet for your body. Renal disease diet restricts salt, potassium, proteins, fluid and phosphorous.

In renal diet, doctors reduce the in-take of sodium. Sodium is salt that used to make delicious recipes. Sodium is very essential mineral for the body and it's found in nearly every food item. When kidney is not in good working condition it is essential to put less pressure on kidney.

Proteins are also limited from diet plan of renal disease patient. Protein is very essential mineral for building muscles. Whenever you take protein then metabolism digest it and create waste product which is called urea. When kidney is damage it's essential to limit the intake of protein simply because waste product urea if not filter by renal then it develop some other serious diseases in the body.

Potassium is one of the essential mineral for the body. Potassium is found in several vegetables, fruits, dairy products and many others. While preparing diet for renal disease patient it is important to give close attention| on many food items simply because companies are using potassium chloride instead of sodium that is exactly why you have to stay away from taking foods which are manufacture using potassium chloride.

Kidney is very important part of the body and when it gets damage it is important to get best renal diet for it. There are many people that don't take renal disease seriously in its beginning stage. If kidney left untreated then there is huge risk of some other health disease and the last stage of kidney illness is kidney transplant in which kidney transplantation is only solution. That is why it is essential to treat kidney disease in the starting stages with the help of renal diet. Some online web site contain even more details about chronic renal failure diet.

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