Thursday, March 14, 2013

Birth Defects Of Celexa

By Kenneth D. Shannon

Many recent studies and researches have proven a link between pregnant women consuming Celexa and birth defects. The probability of an infant having a birth defect will dramatically increase if a woman takes this prescription during any trimester of her pregnancy.

In accordance with these studies, they predict that an average of ten percent of all pregnant females have depression to some degree. One thing these researches lacked to investigate was whether these disorders were apparent before the pregnancy occurred.

Many a time, physicians and doctors alike will advise their clients to remain on their prescription of Citalopram even once they are pregnant if they have previously been decided to have a depressive disorder. Given that this will benefit the female, it will more than likely not benefit the infant.

It has been reported time and time again that newborns have some sort of birth defect if their mothers were taking Celexa during any time of their pregnancy.

There is a high risk of a baby developing craniosynostosis if the mother took Celexa during her first trimester. This is a common skull defect which is known to cause the baby's sutures to close too soon.

What that means is that the child will have a head that grows abnormally due to the plates closing early. This will surely cause mental development problems and is likely to cause problems with the childs vision.

Another quite common problem that stems from this medication would be persistent pulmonary hypertension. This disorder is known to cause the child's circulatory system to improperly adjust to the conditions outside of the womb.

Basically what this does is force the child's blood away from his or her lungs once he or she is born. This makes it very hard to breathe and will usually result in fatality.

If a female takes Citalopram during her third trimester, then she adds to the risk of her infant developing the above mentioned disorder by six times.

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