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Reasons why your back is sore and how to prevent it

By Brandon James

If you begin to suffer from pain in your back it could be the result of many different conditions. Commonly back pain is attributed to damage to one or more of the integral parts of our backs. Every person has a spinal cord that is part of our nervous system. This cord is protected by bones that fit together called vertebrae. When any part of this system becomes damaged, pressure can be put on the nerves in our backs and result in debilitating pain. Muscle pain can also cause discomfort in our backs as well.

Whether you have a job the requires you to use your back for lifting, or you are just hoping to get some house work done on the weekends, it is very important that you take some time to learn proper techniques that will help you protect your back from injury. There are many tips that will help you stay physically active, complete your tasks, and avoid injuries. Take a minute to review these tips and familiarize yourself with the most effective ways to protect your back.

3 Best ways to prevent a back injury

One of the most common causes of back injuries is heavy lifting. Many people make the mistake of putting heavy objects on the ground and then bending over to try to lift them. When you lift a heavy object this way you are only using your fingers, arms and back to lift the object. This technique eliminates your ability to use some of the strongest muscles in your body, the ones located in your legs. If you do have to lift a heavy object off of the floor, avoid bending over from the waist to pick it up. Instead, crouch down keeping your back strait and use your legs and the momentum they can create to stand upright lifting the object with your arms as you go.

Professional movers know that if you can eliminate the need to lift heavy items that is the best way to protect yourself from back pain. While the previous technique is the best way to lift something heavy, avoiding it would be even better. Spread out heavy items between bags when shopping so that you do not strain your back unloading the car or walking up the stairs. In your home or at the office, try to organize your heavy files or books so that they are located within the optimum zone for lifting. You are strongest at your core, so if you know you are going to be lifting something heavy and are unable to break it down into smaller loads, place those heavy items in an area that does not require you to bend over or reach over your head to retrieve them.

Would you run out on the football field and start a game without warming up? No, well you should not ever try to lift heavy objects or do any type of activity that utilizes your back without stretching first. Another thing you would never do when playing sports is show up without the proper clothing and safety equipment. Take a moment to make sure you are prepared for lifting heavy objects before you get started.

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