Thursday, March 21, 2013

Don't Let Weight Loss Myths Hamper Your Progress

When it comes to weight loss it's amazing how people bog themselves down due to weight loss myths that are mostly based on hearsay. The most common myths that hinder your battle against obesity have been laid down here revealing the truth related to that particular myth.

Fad diets are the only way to overcome obesity
Time and again most people fell into believing that some miraculous fad diet is going to do the trick when it comes to weight loss. You may have come across many claims that some fad diet could help you lose weight as much as over 3 pounds per week or more. However the fact is that most of these fad diets are not backed with scientific research, which may be evident due to the fact that such diets loose popularity as fast as they gain it. Even if you do lose weight using some fad diet and not eating certain food, any good dietician in Northern Virginia would tell you that these weight loss affects are not permanent.

I can only lose weight by skipping meals
Not true at all. It is very important to understand the vital difference between "losing weight" and the "healthy way to lose weight". Skipping meals means depriving your body of the much needed nutrition that is essential for it to function normally. Balanced weight loss nutrition ensures that your body gets all the essential nutrition elements to function properly, the difference being the low calorie count. Do not risk your health by under feeding your body and skipping meals. Nutritionists say that any fad diet that contains lower than 800 calories per day, if taken continuously for over a week can be a serious health hazard.

The only "healthy way to lose weight" is to balance your diet in such a manner that all the nutritional requirements of your body are fulfilled keeping the calorie count low (but above the average minimum) and set off the additional calories with some routine exercise.

I am sensitive to certain food how can I go on a weight loss nutrition plan.

It's true that you may be sensitive to certain food items but with some latest research on food sensitivity and with now available medical tests your dietician in northern Virginia can pinpoint the troubled area and can put you on a food sensitivity elimination diet. This food helps you in relieving your food sensitivity and you can still go ahead with your weight loss plan with this substitute balanced weight loss nutrition.

All low fat / fat free products are low in calories
Some low fat foods may be low in calories in comparison to their full fat versions, but most of the processed low fat food may contain more calories than the same amount of unprocessed full fat food. This is true because of the calorie rich additional ingredients such as salts and starches used in the food preservation process. You can check for nutrition facts on the food packing to manage your daily calorie intake.

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