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Medical Tourism Services - Know the Risks and Protect Yourself Before You Go

People regularly go overseas for affordable medical tourism & healthcare to save themselves money and cut waiting times. However, there are some dangers inherent in having surgery carried out overseas and it's worth investigating them before taking the plunge.

Things like organ operations can be secured for as much as 50% of the cost of the same procedure back in the west, and minus the long and annoying waiting lists intrinsic to the majority of western countries.
A piece of research from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) showed that kidney rejection happens in up to 30% of overseas medical tourists who undergo transplant operations abroad while just 12% of people who had operations at UCLA had kidney rejection.

Some people consider it simpler and undoubtedly cheaper to seek out a transplant overseas, risking the possibility that the donor was a prisoner, deceased or otherwise.

Things to think about when considering overseas surgery:
• Pick a reputable hospital or clinic
• Investigate the surgeon's qualifications and experience
• Investigate the credentials of the medical board which certified the surgeon
• Find out if the surgeon can speak English
• Request an in-person consultation with the surgeon ahead of the operation
• See what post-op care is offered
• Be informed of what to in the event of complications on return home
• Don't judge on just price
Seek Advice First
Before you go ahead and book an operation overseas it's worth speaking to a surgeon in your own country. A domestic doctor might well advise you against a procedure. If you find you require a procedure then you must talk about any likely risks and dangers inherent in the process.

This should be one additional main worry for potential medical tourism patients - picking a facility which is regulated and subject to scrutiny is a definite. Being a medical tourist, you'll most likely not see the hospital ahead of your surgery, and by then it might be too late to turn back.

In thinking about how much the procedure will cost it's worth considering what you get for your money. Surgery overseas might be cheap but people can risk missing out on vital aftercare, making the trip not cost-effective. Don't forget your health is invaluable.

Post-Op Care
People who have operations privately around the world don't get much by way of aftercare or post-op looking after, even though this is an important part of the procedure. There are lots of examples of people heading home only to find that they then experience complications that require further care.
Having no aftercare or post-op support can mean long-term problems so it's worth checking out what kind of post-op care you actually need to make the best possible recovery.

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