Saturday, March 16, 2013

Celexa Vs Lexapro

By Kenneth Derek Shannon

There are two very similar types of medications that are commonly used to effectively treat depression. These are known as Celexa and Lexapro. It is important to know that while these to drugs may be similar in structure and are really simply only opposites of each other, they both have quite separate uses for their patients.

Often times folks are prescribed one of these medications by their physician if they are diagnosed with either anxiety or depression disorders. There have been a large number of studies performed pertaining to Citalopram in comparison with Lexapro. The conclusion of many are that the two drugs appearing to be the same actually have opposite effects on people.

If you were to look up just a little bit of information on the two medications, you would realize that only Lexapro is actually FDA approved for the treatment of anxiety. Citalopram has only been approved for depression treatment.

This being said, the fact that Celexa has not been approved for this purpose does not mean that your physician will not prescribe it to you for treatment of anxiety.

Lexapro has not been made available to the public in a generic brand yet. Celexa, if you did not already know, is the brand name of the generic version Citalopram.

The final decision of most researches on the topic will say that Lexapro is by far more effectively treating depression than its competitor. However, this is only an opinion and will very likely vary from one person to the next.

Most consumers of Citalopram will not be able to convert to using Lexapro due to the obvious differences of these two very unique medications.

While the studies stand by Lexapro as a more efficient drug, there are still many folks that strongly believe in good old Citalopram. Keep in mind as well that Citalopram has been around for longer than the other as well so there is less chance of unknown Celexa side effects of this one rather than the other.

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