Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Can You Build Muscle Quickly With HIIT Resistance Training?

By Howe Russ

If you've used HIIT instead of regular cardiovascular exercise before, you'll know it has many more fat loss and muscle building benefits. Yet, for some reason, those who want to know how to build muscle often overlook the possibility of incorporating HIIT into their resistance routines. Can it be used to speed up results? You can use it to increase cardio results by up to 5 times, so can you learn how to get a six pack in 3 minutes per day? Today your questions will be answered.

Gone are the days when people need to spend hours working out in the gym after a long, busy day at the office. Nowadays you can get great results in as little as half an hour. []

The levels of variety and intensity are the two most important factors within any solid training program. Variety simply means challenging the body in ways it's not used to. You could simply swap low reps for high reps, or perform exercises in a different order than usual.

At one point on another, almost every gym user has encountered a period of little progress. In most cases, this occurs because their body has simply adapted to the routine the person has been doing. If you have been training the same way and lifting the same level of resistance for the last three months, it's no wonder your muscles have adapted. They know they don't need to grow any more in order to handle the workload being put on them, because they did it all last week and the week before that.

Try to keep every single workout different from the last. Even if the changes are relatively small, you'll notice great improvements in your results.

Intensity levels are often misunderstood. No, increasing your intensity in the gym does not simply mean blasting through exercises at maximum speed. You should never sacrifice good lifting technique for anything, no matter whether it's more weight or more speed. Intensity means keeping your rest periods to a minimum, that's all.

The shock factor of hitting the body with new, unfamiliar exercises and also keeping rest times down is enough to spur new growth in even the hardest of gainers.

The following sample workout focuses on toning the midsection in as little time as possible. It is simple, but it is very intense: []

* Leg Raise

* Mountain Climber

* Exercise Ball Leg Raise

This session should be performed as a circuit. Each exercise gets 30 seconds and there is no rest allowed until the end of the circuit, at which point you can take 1 minute before restarting. Due to the fact that most gym users do not train with resistance machines at a high intensity level, this simple session really pushes the fitness levels despite looking easy on paper.

The workout above will effectively show you how to get a six pack in 3 minutes at home every day. If you were to keep doing it, however, you would simply adapt as we have already discussed. The trick lies in varying things when it become stale. You can also apply this style of training to any other muscle group, so if your goal is to learn how to build muscle in as little time as possible, then you have just discovered one of the most effective methods.

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