Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Why Botox Is The Most Popular Treatment

By Francise Annikan

Botulinum toxin sounds like a term from a sci-fi film but it is not something scary, it is simply a popular form of cosmetic medicine in these modern times. The popularity of botox is increasing steadily for both women and men, and they are enjoying the benefits of these treatments equally. Men actually compose about half of the patients in a lot of botox clinics nowadays. Newspapers have articles almost every day about some celebrity having had a face lift or a brow lift or a similar botox procedure.

There are, of course, other cosmetic treatments available these days. Cosmetic clinics have many kinds of treatments available, including the more common forms such as plastic surgery and dermal fillers. There are a lot of options available, what is the reason that botox is so successful?

There were a lot more skeptics when botox was first being used for cosmetic purposes several years back. But things have changed dramatically in the recent years, and procedures have become a lot more refined and accurate. The rise in popularity is because of a variety of factors:

1. This is a very simple procedure.

Medical experts have specialized training that teach the optimal techniques for injecting botox. State boards in the United States have provided regulations that medical staff must complete in order to administer injections of botox. After a medical professional receives their specialized training, the application of botox treatments are fast and safe for patients, and these can be done using out-patient processes. Due to this, it has become a very common solution for those who are looking for cosmetic treatments.

2. It's pretty cost-effective

Cost can be a big obstacle to obtaining treatments patients' desire. Botox injections are cheaper than plastic surgery and therefore preferred by patients.

3. It can be performed quickly

The time that a treatment will take depends on where the injections are made, but typically it's just a couple of moments until it's done. So it's into the doctor's office, a few injections where required, and out in a jiffy!

4. Treatments do not need much preparation at all

Getting quick botox treatments is incredibly simple compared to the hassle of fasting before plastic surgery, and the more invasive use of having anaesthesia used during the procedure.

5. Results are instant and excellent

Botox commonly makes a patient instantly satisfied because they can see how effective it is right away, and the effect is very noticeable.


Botox is gaining in popularity as of late, and there are many reasons for the success of these kind of cosmetic treatments. Wrinkles and lines can be significantly reduced using these procedures, and patients can look years younger, rather quickly.

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