Friday, June 28, 2013

Sickle Cell Charities Are To Support The Sick Patients

By Myrtle Cash

Sickle cell charities are given by some organizations. It has volunteered by some groups which have volunteered to give support to the people who are having blood disorders. These organizations are being funded by the big lottery funds. And the money that they get they use it is supporting the people who have this sickness. The group that is responsible for supporting these groups. They have set aside good money to be used on these projects. This is to help all the sufferers to get medicine and checkups for them regularly so that they are not exposed to more complications.

The amount of lottery that they get can tell for how long they are give the support to the affected people. They not only help those who are suffering from sickle cell. But also those who are suffering from thalassaemia in the area that they are located in.

This disease can be an inherited disorder from the parents or even the grand parents. For you to have this diseases there are two copies of this disease that you may have. This can be called sickle cell anemia. This should be from both the parents. If you inherit one cell from either of the parents it will mean that the person can be a carrier. When you are a carrier it will mean that you cannot in any means develop the disorder, but the fact here is that you will pass it later on to your offspring.

If you have this disease there are some complications that you may be suffering from. This will include chest pains, headache, dizziness and even shortness of breath. There are some of the dangers that can be associated with this kind of blood disorder. Because of the blood shortage you might realize that there will be delayed puberty and growth in children. This usually as a result of blood cells shortage.

When the blood vessels are blocked they may bond to cause delibating episodes. These episodes are referred to as crisis. At times this condition resembles that of a minor heart attack. When this happens some parts of body will be affected.

Most of the people who have set up sites for such kinds of charities have their reasons. One of them could be that a member of the family died of the disease or even is suffering and would like to assist people in similar situations. Most of these people are volunteers and have not been employed by the government.

Some people look very healthy while suffering from this disease because they eat balanced diets and stick to the routine of taking the recommended drugs. As for those who do not stick to this they might find out that they are not healthy. The reason being they will not look cheerful because of pains they are having and their health condition. Another thing that you may also discover from a person suffering from this disease is they always look small when you compare them to the age mates. This is because some of body organs will get damaged by the disease. As a result the organs will or may stop functioning and some of your body functions will not work correctly.

The body cells of the body get weak and not being able to resist the diseases that attack the body. And when you get sick they weaken and get damaged permanently this at times might result to death cases. There are some reported cases that some of the sickly patients never reach the age of eighteen. A few of them may reach this age and pass it if on proper medication. Therefore patients should seek for sickle cell charities.

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