Friday, June 7, 2013

Doylestown, PA Doctor Alleviates Migraine Headaches With Chiropractic

By Kurt Saniel

Migraine sufferers really dread the onset of an attack. From the first warning signs to final agonising throbbing, a migraine can last many hours. Unfortunately, many people plagued by this condition do not realise that a Doylestown chiropractor may be able to offer a simple and effective therapy which offers a high rate of success with a stubborn problem.

Most commonly, these severe headaches are due to problems with the vertebrae or muscular tension. Both of these causes respond well to the appropriate chiropractic techniques, so this modality should probably be preferred. Because this approach is so frequently successful, it should definitely be considered.

Traditional analgesics often do not provide relief from a migraine, and the potential side-effects are always a concern. Any slight relief provided is soon overwhelmed by the persistent pain, which may even increase. This demonstrates that merely treating the symptoms is not successful, and it is better to identify and eliminate the cause.

Chiropractors are taught to take a holistic view and identify the actual source of a problem. If this underlying problem is corrected or improved, the symptoms are also benefited or simply vanish. The results are also generally more long-lasting, although repeat sessions may sometimes become necessary in certain cases.

Some of the most useful chiropractic techniques for relieving migraines are spinal adjustments or massaging the muscles. Once the spine is properly aligned and tension relieved or reduced, then results follow naturally. The purpose is to reduce any nerve compression so that the pain is usually quickly alleviated.

Migraines may be caused by several different factors, and it can be quite difficult to pin down a cause. A skillful Doylestown chiropractor will be capable of unearthing the root of the problem, and then identifying the best approach. Because chiropractic emphasizes the use of non-invasive approaches, further damage is unlikely to occur.

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