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Resmed S9 Elite Review And Product Information

By Sam Kappel

This is my personal and unbiased review of the Resmed S9 elite with EPR. I have done in depth research and have read consumer reviews to give you the best information for your needs. I will be talking about the benefits, features and some of the downfalls of this CPAP machine.

This machine has a convenient and fashionable design. The S9 Elite's compact dimension makes this product various from the other Resmed sleep treatment machines. The design of the device is very consumer friendly for first time customers. Not only does the Resmed S9 elite appear very nice, but this machine is one of the much better on the market. It isn't ideal, like any product, and does have some drawbacks. I will be discussing all of this.

ResMed S9 Elite Sleep Therapy:

The CPAP comes with a unique Expiratory Pressure Relief (EPR) technology that gives you a extremely quiet motor; adjusts pressure for best comfort; has a wide pressure range; adjusts automatically to altitude and other beneficial features.

Most CPAP machines carry out two versions of noise that can make it hard to get use to and to sleep at times.

The Easy Breathe Motor has much less sound that arrives from it than normal machines. It's typical audio ranges at only 24dBA for your ease and comfort.

The Resmed S9 Elite has two different tubings to choose from, this is important for quality sleep therapy. The machine has a SlimLine and ClimiteLine tubing to use. The SlimeLine offers a light weight option that doesn't drag on the mask and put weight on the bed. The ClimiteLine is used for the HFi humidifier for great comfort. You can add the H5i Humidifier as an option if you deside to use a humidifier for you CPAP machine.

The Resmed S9 Elite provides a Mask-Fit function that has three settings: Nasal, Pillow and Complete face. The system operates a diagnostic to make sure your mask is sealed correctly.

The CPAP machine also offers a convenient data monitoring that will save you sleep therapy information for up to 365 days.

ResMed S9 Elite Review - Benefits, Highlights and Specs

Compact size is ideal for home or travel

Includes set CPAP environment and the EPR (Expiratory Stress Reduction) environment

Extremely quiet (Less than 24 dBA average)

EPR and Easy Breathe feature adds much better comfort that most standard CPAP machines and assists the reduction of leaks

Data card that saves your sleep treatment data

Automatic leak reduction adjusts to leaks. This helps the machine adjust the pressure correctly for your convenience.

Comes with a 2 year producer warranty on both the CPAP and Humidifier

FAA authorized for all industrial flights within the U.S.A and all international flights that depart or get there in the U.S.A

Automatically adjusts to the altitude

Has an alarm to turn off mask when there is a big leak or if mask comes off while sleeping

Common power supply. Ideal for traveling


Just the CPAP: 6" by 5.5" by 3.4"

Just the CPAP: 1.8 Lbs

CPAP with Humidifier: 6" by 11.5" by 3.4"

CPAP with Humidifier: 3.5 Lbs

Power supply: 6.5" by 2.5" by 1.5" and 1.25 Lbs

ResMed S9 Elite Review - Downfalls and Conclusion

This well-liked sleep treatment machine has many great benefits in comparison to it's competition, but it is not perfect. It was hard to find a great deal of poor things concerning this machine, but some people complained of the high price and a few leakage problems.

It falls close to its competitors in Transcend travel CPAP for not becoming quantity one travel CPAP amongst reviews I study. apart from these small flaws, this machine will get an A minus quality from me. If you're in require of sleep treatment with a CPAP machine, you truthfully can't go incorrect with gadget. The name states all of it, elite, and it includes some fantastic attributes such as the H5i Humidifier include on choice. I hope my Resmed S9 Elite review continues to be useful and also you had been in a position to get the information you required.

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