Saturday, June 8, 2013

Chiropractor In Friendswood, TX Assists In Helping Locals Get Hip Pain Relief

By Jessie Drolet

Hip pain can be due to many different reasons, but many have found relief through the help of a Friendswood chiropractor. Chiropractors make use of non-invasive therapy to provide relief without depending on medication. Often chiropractors can bring relief of either chronic or acute pain.

Chiropractors start with a physical exam to locate the source of a patient's pain. While the pain is felt in the hip, its underlying cause may be in one's spine. Other causes could be problems with the knee or foot, that change the person's gait resulting in hip pain.

Hip troubles are sometimes an indicator of tendonitis or arthritis. In older adults who have osteoporosis, the hip may have fractured. Pain is sometimes traced to bones or muscles but usually involves the nerves. If the hip becomes dislocated, chiropractors offer adjustments that restore them to the natural position and end one's suffering.

Once chiropractors determine the cause of a patient's pain, they will develop a plan to provide therapy. The plan may involve several different approaches. Often, the use of multiple therapies is effective in shortening the time required for recovery.

In most cases, the patient will need to return several times to experience elimination of symptoms. The gentle therapy is effective, but natural healing can take time. With proper care and following the doctor's directions, the problem may not return.

Chiropractors often recommend exercises for the patient to continue at home. They provide a holistic approach to patient care. The doctor might provide lifestyle counseling or talk about workplace ergonomics in order to reduce the chances of subsequent injuries.

When one experiences hip pain, a Friendswood chiropractor may be able to help. Chiropractors can provide relief for this type of pain. While a few patients find a single visit is all that is needed, others will need to make several office calls to ensure pain is eliminated without using surgery or medication.

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