Monday, June 10, 2013

Why Drug Testing Is Significant

By Teri Farley

Drug testing Beckley WV is the process of analyzing a biological specimen to detect presence of certain substances specifically prohibited drugs or their metabolites. This procedure is commonly performed these days for a range of purposes. Different methods and tools may be used depending on the purpose or specific application. Many clinics and laboratories now provide services for this procedure.

One purpose of the procedure is to complete requirements at work. Most employers would require this procedure before accepting job applicants. In some cases, this is also needed for compliance purposes. Those who are obtaining their driver's license are also required to undergo the procedure. Athletes also undergo the procedure to detect use of steroids.

Different samples may be tested for such purpose. Some very common specimens include blood, urine, sweat, saliva, and hair. There are cases that may require specific types of samples to use. Various test kits are now available and designed to detect different substances. Some kits are designed only for specific substances. The kind of kit used may depend on the application or purpose.

There are many kinds of substances that this procedure may identify. Examples may include cannabinoids, synthetic cannabinoids, methamphetamine, barbiturates, opiates, bath salts, benzodiazepines, cocaine, and many others. These are substances prohibited by the law. These can cause negative effects on one's health including mental and psychological state. An individual should not have these substances in their systems in order to perform to the fullest.

The procedure can be done in different settings depending on the purpose. Majority of these are performed in clinics and laboratories as required by employers or authorities. Those who want to do this for personal reason can undergo an in home procedure under the presence of a qualified diagnostic practitioner. A second procedure may be done to confirm the results.

Procedures are scheduled differently depending on why this has to be performed. A lot of people come into the clinic or laboratory as walk in subjects for the procedure. Companies that require this as part of routine employee examination can also set their own schedules. For those suspected of using substances, random testing can be performed.

Several factors may affect detection or results of the procedure. These factors include the type of substance taken, amount of use, frequency, body mass, age, metabolic rate, urine pH, and the person's general health. There are substances that can be detected within a few hours but their metabolites will be detected after a few days.

To make sure the results are correct, the procedure must be performed by trained practitioners. These practitioners can be diagnostic professionals or medical technicians. The subject must provide a sample within the observer's line of sight so as to avoid tampering. Documentation is also very important to record the subject's information and the corresponding results.

There are various reasons why drug testing Beckley WV is performed. This may be done for the purpose of workplace safety or public safety. Job seekers must be sure of their health and that they are free from any substance to ensure smooth job application. For employers, this is also standard procedure to screen incoming employees.

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