Thursday, June 6, 2013

Simple Remedies For Sinusitis

By Cris Burnett

Dealing with a sinus infection is burdensome and difficult. If you have had a sinus infection before, then you probably understand how painful it can be, especially when the pressure build up in various facial areas ends up affecting your jaws, cheeks and forehead and gives you unbearable headaches every now and then. In addition, an individual with a sinus infection may experience low grade fever and nasal congestion.

Are you tired of dealing with the troublesome symptoms of sinusitis? Here are several home treatments that can provide temporary relief for your inflammed sinuses:

Saline mist sprays: A bottle of salt water can definitely do wonders for you! You may not realise it, but a 3 oz bottle of saline spray can relieve your sinus pains. Working as a humidifier, this type of saline spray can moisturize your nose and nasal passages. Truth is a saline spray can make your nose happy because it helps your nose eliminate thick mucus and dry crusts.

Neti pot: This pot looks funny as a cross between a typical tea pot and Aladdin's lamp. Despite its unusual look however, this container can be used to flush out nasal irritants, purify nasal passages and relieve other symptoms commonly associated with sinus infections, flu, nasal stuffiness, allergies and sinus swelling.

Aromatherapy: The cooling effect that comes with herbal inhalation can relieve the various symptoms of a sinus infection.

Home cures for sinus infections work, but they only provide temporary relief. If you want to preserve the health of your nasal structures and have better protection against sinus infections and other ENT disorders, make sure you collaborate with a Singapore ENT specialist today! Depend on these ENT experts to formulate effective, long-term remedies for your sinus infection!

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