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Discover About Arthritis Doctor Hartford

By Toni Vang

If you have trouble moving around or feel pain or stiffness in your body you could have arthritis. In the majority of the cases arthritis causes pain and swelling on joints. And eventually the swollen joint can cause disability. Many patients taken to arthritis doctor Hartford who experience the disease have sever joint pains and can barely move the affected part due to the pain they experience whenever slight movement is practiced.

The people affected with the disease are at times affected by the disorder due to physical factors like the nature of their jobs being too physical which strains their bodies such that they experience cases of arthritis. Some people are also affected due to physical injuries they have experienced in the past. Other people have it not because of physical factors but because of genetic factors which make them more susceptible to the ailment more than the common man.

In most occurrences people who experience the ailment are those in their later stages of life, those who have been fully exposed to all factors of life like physical labor, but this is not always the case because there is a rare occurrence of children with this disease and this occurs to them that are bellow the age sixteen. This occurrence is known as juvenile rheumatoid arthritis which affects only children.

It is symptomized by sever joint pain. In most cases the signs vary from patient to patient this is because the causative agents are different. Some experience pains all over there body while others only on specific joints on the body.

Some types of foods are also known to be the causative agents. This usually is because they trigger allergic like reactions on human bodies, making them have aches like those of an arthritic case. Its known as reactive arthritis as it is their reaction that triggers the condition or rather bring rise to it.

Its also observed that obese people suffer from the illness in many instances, this is because their weight strain their joints and hence make their ligaments painful due to the strain exerted to ones joints. The extra weight exerted on the joint makes the ligament wear out fast as compared to the normal weighted person.

One of the methods used to treat this disease in obese individuals is by use of weight reduction methods. This is because the excess weight when removed gives one a relief in the burden it has to bear this giving the joints less work it has to do thus reducing the effect of this ailment.

Physical therapy is also highly advocated for by therapists since most of the patients of this condition avoid movement of the affected joint in order to try and reduce the amount of pain they experience. But therapists advice them to do just enough exercise and the amount of pain will drastically reduce. Occupational therapy is also advocated for by therapists since it reduces the amount of unnecessary movement in ones daily routine and also a drastic reduction on the amount of unhealthy tasks.

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