Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Discover The Belly Dance Workout Book

By Lelia Hall

Everyone wants to exercise so as to tone the muscles of the body and also keep fit. For the females, a chance to work out their midsection is welcome. The belly dance workout book gives you a chance to do natural body friendly exercise with cultural, yoga and the contemporary dance to give you the work out you want. The result of all this is a belly dance complete with aerobic exercise.

Is there an age gap for the enthusiasts of belly dancing? That is the beauty with the exercise. All age groups are allowed to enroll in a class and start enjoying. Most of the people interested in this dance are the females between the ages of 20-55. There are also men who are interested in this mode of dancing. They can join the same class with female dancers or a men only class.

What does one wear during these sessions? As long as you are comfortable, you are good to go. Most people wear skin tights or leotard. Others prefer gym trousers with a short top. Your belly should show so that the instructor can see your progress at all times. You can wear sneakers or opt to stay bare feet, as long as you are comfortable, you do not have to wear costumes during training.

Which skills helps one to be a good dancer? The belly and the midsection should be tucked in so that you can move without difficulty. The feet should be flat on the floor and the knees a little bent in order to find your balance while dancing. It would do you good if you could do a little bit of exercise involving the stretching of your limbs before starting your class.

Dance with passion and vigor and put your energy and mind to it. Make it your favorite pass time and you will find that making it fun helps you to dance better rather than being in competition with the rest of the members in your class. Let it not be an ambition but a hobby. Spruce up your dressing to lighten your mood and also mix up the music you move to.

This dancing routine is like an aerobic exercise hence a pregnant woman can also participate in it. Some women have danced till they were 7 months pregnant. It can be your pre natal fitness program. In case you may be worried about extensive exercise while you are pregnant you can check with the doctor first then proceed. If you have weight problems, you can also check with the doctor first.

One can make money through dancing but it will take time. The least time you need to train to be that good is 1-2 years so do not train to make money, train to enjoy and once you become really good you can then proceed and your teacher will help you to look for places and functions to perform in be it parties, weddings or in restaurants.

You need to practice a lot so that you can be better which means you have to be dedicated and committed to achieve it. You can practice at home during your free time. Stand before a mirror and master your posture. The work out book gives you the best strategies to be a good dancer.

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