Thursday, April 16, 2015

Learn About Addiction Counselling Markham

By Joanna Walsh

Addiction can be described as the tendency to have a hard time to quit a repetitive behavior that is probably causing harm to the victim. According to specialists in North York, Ontario who offer addiction counselling Markham, these behaviors are known to bring desires that make the victims do anything just to satisfy them, which then brings them to normalcy. Some of the addictions that most people have is on; alcohol, sex, smoking, food, gambling, internet and a variety of drugs in general.

It takes a great deal of dedication to overcome this challenge and all one can do is take each day at a time. As much as it gets easier everyday to learn to stay free of these addictive habits, relapsing can occur anytime if caution is not taken; this mostly happens when one makes themselves vulnerable by getting exposed to environments that triggers these desires. It is for this reason that counseling is crucial even after recovery so as to keep one in line.

Normally, recovering addicts are assigned to someone who is supposed to help them adjust to their new lifestyle as well as keeping them in check, making sure they do not get back to their old habits. They are known as sponsors and supervising their subjects is their responsibility which also includes offering advice on how to handles matters related to their addictions as most of them are also recovering addicts only that they have been clean for a longer period.

The major causes of addictions have been known to be traumas and stress, social environment and family history. It is through this that a doctor who is handling the treatment of these patients knows how to diagnose their distinctive condition and recommend treatment options that will help them recover and adjust to their new lifestyle with ease.

Stress and other mental health problems have a tendency of bringing up anxieties that people assume they can be eliminated by abusing drugs and alcohol; this only makes it worse and brings about other conditions. On the other hand, having had traumas; either sexual or physical also drive people to taking up these habits as they are trying to escape their past and forgetting memories that haunt them every day of their lives.

Social environment especially among teens is the major cause of addiction which goes hand in hand with peer pressure; habits that starts as fun ends up to be addictions that one is unable to fight on their own. In addition, family history facilitates these habits as people tend to take up habits that are exercised in the family such as drinking, excessive eating and smoking.

Some of the commonest symptoms among addicts are such as; repetitive relapses, increased obsessions, intense cravings, inability to stop with the addictive habit even at the expense of their health or life. At this point, the addict can do anything to satisfy their urges which means betray comes easy to them especially to people close to them who are not expecting it such as friends and family.

In most cases, addicts are usually in denial throughout their abusive years which closes up the opportunities to receive or seek help. It is when they realize that they are stuck in their misery and that they need help that the recovery process can be began. Moreover, it should be made clear to them that they have an illness that needs treatment just like other illnesses do.

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