Saturday, April 25, 2015

When Seeking A Good Ob Gyn Belize Residents Will Find Some Good Options To Be Available To Them

By Stella Gay

Many doctors travel to different countries in order to help the less fortunate and at the same time to train in countries that do not have the specialized equipment that so many others have. There are two such doctors that are trained in OB GYN Belize procedure that have traveled to this awesome little country. Many women in this part of the world have commuted in order to see these doctors who have given up their time in order to care for others.

Not many people know the difference between an Obstetrician and a Gynecologist. An Obstetrician is a doctor that specializes in the delivery of babies while the Gynecologist is more into the treating of any disease that is associated with the female reproductive organs. These two are generally combined. Many will tell patients that they are privileged to attend a birthday party nearly every single day.

When visiting one's doctor the most important thing to remember is that there is really no reason to be shy. They have seen that part of the anatomy so many times it is now natural to them, no matter how unnatural it will feel to the woman on the table. Many woman prefer to go to a woman gynecologist as it makes them feel more at ease, many men doctors also have a wonderful bedside manner.

Each of the doctors will need to know how many partners one has had and this is not to make one feel uncomfortable or to judge. It is only for one's health and also so they will know which tests will need to be done. In some cases instead of having a pap smear done every three years it could be changed to every year.

A pap smear should be done regularly as it not only tests for sexually transmitted diseases but is a way to pick up cervical cancer as well. Telling the doctor about one's lifestyle as well as history and body is of utmost importance. The amount of times that one will need to have this test done will depend on the last results obtained as well as the personal history given.

Many young girls are taking some or other form of contraceptive not only to prevent unwanted pregnancies but also for a way to prevent acne. Unfortunately all medications will have some side effects and this goes for these pills, etc as well. Before deciding that the one they are on now does not work well for them, give it a three month trial period first.

When a woman is about to have her baby and opts for pain medication, many feel as if they are not much of a mother but this is not true. As long as both mother and baby are safe and healthy any method can and will be used. Some woman just wants to have their babies taken out because they are tired of being pregnant, don't! This could be more harmful to the baby rather let things progress like they were intended.

The medical school will be a four year program and will be the same as if one is pursuing a career as a general physician. Some extra classes can be taken and these programs will have hands on practice while working in clinical rotations. An internship of one year will need to be done after school while a medical residency will be anything from three to seven years. To finalize this career choice one will need to obtain a State Licensure.

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